Rock 'N' Roll Mustangs
A Musical Overview Of The Bobby Fuller Four

by Stephen J. McParland
4th Edition

208 pages
over 200 B&W photos & clippings
8.25 x 11.75 inches (A4) size
Ltd Edition - Hand Numbered
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This is an attempt to put the entire Bobby Fuller & Bobby Fuller Four story together,
or as close as possible, considering the passage of years and the passing of many of the central characters,
including THE central character himself who was taken so prematurely that July day in 1966.

A great deal of effort has been undertaken to once and for all extricate all the myths, inaccuracies and inconsistencies
that have engulf the events surrounding the Bobby Fuller Four and the death of its leader.
This has been made possible by the input of many individuals who were there at the time who
either witnessed the events unfold firsthand or who were actually involved themselves.

Bobby's recordings are all discussed and the facts surrounding them thoroughly documented.

This 4th Edition has also been re-formatted for an easier read and quicker reference.

Previous editions were only available as an import from Australia,
Nor-Va-Jak Music solves this issue by publishing and distribution of this edition from the U.S.A.

Here are a few comments about the 1st edition from 2009...

"I just want to say you've done a helluva job. I Want to thank you for doing it"
Randy Fuller

"This book is really cool. I do admire your research because it's really good.
The way you've laid it out - the pictures, I mean it's amazing. It really is.
It's very well done. You've done an amazing job"
Dewayne Quirico

"I love the book. You've paid so much attention to detail.
In fact, there is so much information that I never thought I would get to the end.
You have finally done what nobody else has, after so many years.
Thank you for doing what we have been waiting for...
a great read about musicians that have been a vital part
of the El Paso music heritage. Thank you!"
Rick Kern "President, El Paso Musicians Past & Present"

"As someone who has corresponded with Stephen through the years about his books
and have ordered several of them, I have been really impressed by his work.
He's always been receptive to input and easy-going to write with and the wealth of information in his books is astounding.
All the info can be overwhelming, yes, but a reason for this is also that he takes pride in double checking sources
and finding additional information that can either confirm or disprove some of the stories told to him.
I've worked professionally with music history myself in a museum context so I really appreciate the fact
that Stephen goes out of his way to get the facts straight.
His expertise and interviews are hard to match. I wholeheartedly recommend his books!"

"Stephen is a first rate historian and has documented many sides of Surf & Pop Music
with attention to accurate details. I heartily recommend his work"

"Stephen's works are filled with great detail, so his books about Bobby Fuller,
Gary Usher, Jan & Dean, PF Sloan and many more really are the last word in such things"

"Whereas other publications about Bobby had me losing interest quickly due to lack of substance,
I found the opposite in this is captivating, and had me on a real "reading binge".
The way the facts and theories are dissected and substantiated is a marvel.
This is the book Bobby deserved and is essential for all BF4 fans.
I don't know what more you could want."