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CALL, LLOYD   (Clovis,NM)

CAMPBELL, JIM (Bob)  (James Robert Campbell from Lubbock, TX)

CAMPI, RAY   (Austin, TX)

CANADA, EDDIE (Ed Dolen from Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

CARL, BOBBY & Silver Bell Cowboys  (Bobby Carl Robinett from Guymon, OK)

CARPENTER, DON & The Sandstorms  (Farwell, TX)  Don Carpenter (bass), Jerry Sparks (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, tenor sax), Stan Smith (lead guitar), Larry Parks (drums)

CARROLL, BILLIE    (produced by Jim Solley, recorded at Petty Studio)


CARTER, PAT   from Pampa, TX  (backed by The Fireballs)

CASH, JACKI    (Norman had no involvement, this is a Billy Stull production using the Nor-Va-Jak label)

CELLAR DWELLERS    (Tommy Allsup, George Atwood, Bo Clarke, Vi Petty, The Roses)

CHAMPS     Dave Burgess, Bob Morris, Dash Crofts, Jimmy Seals, Jerry Cole, Glen Campbell

CHANCES  (see "Ken Davis")  Ken Davis on acoustic lead guitar       

CHANCES   (Santa Barbara, CA)  Tom Beal (guitar / lead vocals), Sandy Salisbury (vocals / bass), Steve Haehl (guitar), Gary Lee Swafford (drums)

CHANDELLES      (Portales, NM)  Tom Potter, Frank Potter, Bill Clayton, Bill Gross, Rick Cox

CHANDELLS     (Pueblo, CO)  Marty Spritzer (lead vocal on "Little Girl"), Dave McBee (lead vocal on "We are The Ones"), Gus Trujillo, Ange Rotondo

CHANDLER, NOLAN    Goldust is Chandler & Emmit Brooks' label out of Las Cruces, NM

CHANEY, DON & THE IVY JIVES  (Chaney was from OK attending ENMU in Portales, NM) Don Chaney (vocals), David Emmons (guitar/vocals), Jay Turnbow (guitar), Bill Jones (bass), Charles Gaddy (drums), Darlene Gaddy (keyboard)


CHRISTIAN FOLK  (from Portales, NM and Nebraska, also see "Aslan")  Craig Bogard, Lynn Ann Bogard, Barb Powell, Dusty Neergaard, Bill Neergaard. Changed their name to "Aslan" in 1975.

CHRISTOPHER, GARY  (Gary Guillot of Denver, CO)

CHURCH, BOB  (Lubbock, TX) - brother of Terry "Noland" Church. Bob passed away at age 65 in 1997.

CINDERS    (Amarillo, TX)  Steve Dodge, Charlie Bates, J.D. (John David) Souther

CLARK, MRS. GRACE  (age 78, from Clovis, NM)

CLARK, ROYCE    (Muleshoe, TX)

CLASSIC COUNTRY EXPRESS   (also see "Tony Martinez")  Tony Martinez and band


CLOVIS   (Glen Williams, Mike Dimas, Scott Nelson, Bob Hertner) produced by Norman & Jon Sisco

CLOVIS HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR  (G-Clef acapella choir directed by Harry Barton) * one track was written by Norman

COACHMEN    Pat Farrell (aka Pat Garrett), Ev Herter, Mike Hinton, Gene Hamm

COLLINS, BOOTS  with The Western-Airs (Arlington, TX)    Boots Collins, James A Collins, Joe Zecca. Demo sessions, both tracks were later re-recorded and released on 45.

COLLINS, JIMMY  (Tucumcari, NM)  recorded in Petty Studio, downtown Clovis - produced by Hyram Posey, Lloyd Maines

COLORADO SUNSHINE COMPANY   (Sterling, CO)   Arden Fennell with Linda Rinaldo

COLORED RAIN   (Edmonton, Alberta)  Ken Dangerfield (bass), Dave Mitchell (drums), Gerry Dale (lead vocals), Jordan York (guitar), Dennis Meneely (keys)

CONDRAY, CHARLENE   (wife of Tommy Hancock, Lubbock, TX)

CONFEDERATES    members include Chester Nichols, Joe Bennett

COOLIDGE, CALVIN    (Calvin Cooledge from Lenexa, KS)

COOPER, SAMMY & THE EMERALDS   (Amarillo, TX)  Sammy Cooper, Bob Martindale, Ronnie Smith, Wendel Knutson
Bobby Harper operated "Fiesta Productions", an entertainment booking agency out of Amarillo & founded this label.

COPELAND, KEN   (Lubbock, TX)  became a successful television minister

COQUETTES     Bix Brent, Bettye McCormick, Delores Dahl-Brown. New York based trio that had worked as backup vocalists for Ray Charles and Eddy Arnold

CORDS     (Amarillo, TX)  Billy Stull (lead guitar), Glen Wilbanks (keys/guitar), Jerry Hopper (bass), Luis "Chano" Preciado (drums)

CORK, BILLY   (Lubbock, TX)  recorded in downtown theater studio after Norman's death, produced by Billy Stull


COSTA, MERINO QUARTETTE (see "Merino's Men")  



COUNTRY BLUE (Portland, OR)  Ron Lorts, Randy Davenport, Bruce Sinclair

 CRAIG, JIMMY   (Canyon, TX)

CRAWFORD, FRED   (radio announcer from Monahan/Kermit, TX)

 CRICKETS  (also see Buddy Holly)  (Lubbock, TX)  U.S. releases only

CURTIS, LYNN  (Amarillo, TX)

CURTIS, SONNY  (Meadow, TX) backed by The Crickets, and The Roses on backup vocals

CYNDROM  (also see "Apple Glass Cyndrom")  (Clovis, NM: Johnny Mulhair (guitar, keyboards), Bill Aguirri (vocals), Jon Williams (lead guitar), Scott Rebtoy (bass), Dale Sills (drums)

DAKUS, WES & THE REBELS   (Edmonton, Alberta)
Wes Dakus (bass), Stu Mitchell (drums), Barry Allen (rhythm guitar), Bob Clarke (lead guitar), Dennis Paul (6-string bass), Gerry Dere (keyboards), Maurice Marshall (lead guitar), Archie Southern (lead guitar)


 DALLAS, JACKIE (also see "The Tiaras" from Amarillo/Dumas, TX)  Jack Carter (aka Jackie Dallas, rhythm guitar, vocals), Gail Adams (bass), Earl Whitt (lead guitar), Bobby Wood (drums)

DARD  (formerly "The Hustlers" from Miami, FL)   Bob Wooley (bass), Lee Lobban (organ), John McNicol (lead guitar), Ronnie Owen (vocals, percussion), Dewey Bond (vocals, percussion)

DAVIS, KEN    (Oklahoma City, OK) also see "Django"

DAVIS, SHERRY  (born Gwendolyn Joy Wilkinson from Ft. Worth, TX) features Buddy Holly (guitar), Jack Vaughn (guitar), George Atwood (bass), J.I. Allison (drums), The Picks (backup vocals)

D.C. & THE GENTS  (Amarillo, TX)   Dale Gardner (vocals), Carroll Reams (vocals), Ted Barnhill (bass), Nelson Wertman (lead guitar), Gary Swafford (drums), Robin Brown (rhythm guitar)


DENISON, RANDY    (Lamesa, TX)   Randy re-recorded these songs a year later in Nashville for an album release

 DEXTER, AL  (Tyler, TX)


DICKENSON, CURTIS   [rec. 02/12/1952]

DIETZEL, ELROY & The Rhythm Bandits  (Midland, TX)   Elroy Dietzel (vocals/guitar), Joe Melson (guitar), Dick Matlock (guitar), Bill Chance (bass), Larry Parks (drums)

DJANGO     Ken Davis backed by The Fireballs

DON & DARLENE   (Don & Darlene Calvert from Optima, OK)

DON & JON   (16 year old twins Don & Jon Price of Alamogordo, NM)  Linda Bouma (flute/harpsichord), Clyde Sparks (drums)

DON & THE ROSES (also see "The Roses" and "Don Lanier")  Don Lanier (Rhythm Orchids) with The Roses from Odessa, TX

DONE ON BRADSTREET   (Calgary, Alberta)  Lanny Church (lead vocals), Pat Murphy (keyboards), Dave Hamilton (guitar), Bob Everett (drums), Dave Lucas (bass)

DON, RUSSELL & THE PREMIERS  (Russell "Red" Steagall from Sanford, TX)

DORSEY, TOMMY & JIMMY   featuring vocalists Gordon Polk and Lynn Roberts

 DOUBLE SHOT   (Hobbs, NM)

 DUANE, BILLY  (Bill Duane Pickering of "The Picks")   features Homer Tankersley on backup vocals

DUDLEY & THE DO-RITES   (Carlsbad, NM)  Glendall Gettings, Scott Maxwell, Charles White, Joe Smith, Glen Castleberry  

DUKE CITY BOYS   (Albuquerque, NM)  Johnie Kilpatrick, Lacy Freedman (sax)

 DUKE, JANELLE     (Clovis, NM - Janelle was a U.S.O. entertainer, Norman cut this acetate for her as a free courtesy)


DUNDEEVILLE PLAYERS  (studio jam featuring Norman & Vi Petty, members of Fireballs and Wes Dakus & The Rebels)