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when CDs are sold out, the product is still available
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Vault Series #2

Vault Series #3

Vault Series #4

Vault Series #6 Vault Series #7

Vault Series #8

Vault Series #9

From Clovis To California
Jimmy Self

The Chances

Border Beat!

The Frantics - Birth

Larry Trider

Ben Wasson

Willie & The Red Rubber Band


Norman Petty Trio

The Fireballs box set

Bowman Brothers

Vault Series #1

Vault Series #5

Willie & The Walkers

Homer Tankersley

The Big Beats

Christmas In Clovis

"Thank you very, very much for digging deep into the Petty vaults and sharing this music with us.
I wondered if I'd ever get the chance to hear these records beyond
Buddy Holly and the Crickets. It's happening now, finally" ~ Mark D.

"The way the CDs are put together - with the packaging, photos and the quality of the sound is superb.
I encourage everyone who enjoys this music to buy and support what
Nor-Va-Jak is doing to keep this studios memory alive" ~ Damon

"You're doing an ace job and true to the spirit of the whole legacy.
It all sounds great what you're doing and is a testament to your character Shawn, well done
" ~ Pete C.

"I'm ‘blown away’ again…I don’t know how you are keeping up the pace!
You, my friend, are keeping the Norman Petty / Nor-Va-Jak studio masters alive and
I’m very thankful for the great job God is doing THROUGH you !! whether you realize it or not.
Thanks again, Shawn. Your fan!" ~ George Tomsco / The Fireballs

"You have managed to do what all before you failed, to preserve the
Norman Petty legacy is a classy way - the way Norman was" ~ Tom R

"The audio on these releases is astounding.
It not only attests to the quality of the original recordings by Norman
but to the care and good ear given to preparing the new product.
This blows away anything else I am hearing from today's
current releases and productions. Wonderful...kudos"

~ Billy Stull, Masterpiece Mastering / The Cords

The presentation is superb and the audio quality is amazing.
Suffice it to say, Norman and Vi would be so proud of what you’ve done with their music
and with preserving the heritage that is “The Norman Petty Studios” and the Clovis sound!" ~ Trent T

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the transfers
and mixing on the Vault Series #6 you did!
I enjoyed it so much, I would like to order Volumes 1 through 5" ~ Andy, High Fidelity Mastering

"Awesome compilations and packaging. I give the Vault Series an A++!" ~ Cody V

full value for the money, and as always a good surprise.
It's really a pleasure to receive these rare Petty  productions
, known and unknown.
Also a new and informative way to make a new CD release.
I do like the package design very much, so keep on the good work you're doing" ~ Benny

"I wonder if you've been properly thanked for the incredible job you did updating all the Norman Petty masters.
Shawn, your skill in the tech aspect was definitely matched in the consideration and caring
 you showed all of us old boys on our stroll down what I choose to call 'menopause' lane.
You made me both proud and happy to have chased the dream as a young man" ~ Larry Bell / Continentals