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(Portales/Clovis, NM)
Anitra Lynch (Instructor), Judy Bolton, Gail O' Rear, Darlene Sprawls, Mary Wildman accompanied on piano by Jimmy Stewart

EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE    26 piece band under the direction of M. Neil Sirman  (Portales, NM)  
Denise Natseway, Hester Jackson, Tim Matz, Kathy Hardt, Charles Maynes, Tamre Waite, Tim Phillips, Anthony Pennington, Tony DeAngelo, Larry Potvin, Joe Quintana, Ken Luna, Jimmie Shiner,
Marvin Teitelbaum, Brett Argo, Donna Hartshorn, David Gale, Wendell Welch, Brian Lucas, Ed Brockman, Jim Hunter, Jeff Van Hoene, Jason Camacho, Gerard Martinez, Rodney Bowe, Mary Wilcox

ECHO     (Echo Ministries of Amarillo, TX)  Hank Fenn, Danny Burch, Cissy Fenn, Jason Ryder, Trey Daniels, Riley Black, Sharon Wingrove
Recorded at Petty Studios, Norman had no involvement, engineered by Billy Stull

ECHOLS, NEAL & THE RAINDROPS   (Lamesa, TX)  Neal Echols (lead vocal), Linda Peterson (piano), Duane Whitlow (guitar), Vi Petty (organ), The Roses (backup vocals)

EDDY & THE CENTURIES   (Eddie DeSilva of Pueblo, CO)    

EDWARDS, EDDIE    ("Alvis" (Eddie) Edwards of San Saba, TX)  rhythm guitarist with Lubbock group "The Raiders" (renamed "The Sharks" and became Tommy Sands' backup group)
Other Raiders members included Leon Bagwell (bass), Scotty Turnbull (guitar) and Hal Blaine (drums)

EDWARD TWINS     (Vera & Verna Edwards from Tulsa, OK later of "The Kimberleys") 

ELECTRAS   (Amarillo, TX) Don Lanier, Jon Sisco, Eugene Brown, Bob Hacker  

EMBERS  (Amarillo, TX)   Michael Ballew, Steve Matthews, Bob Hacker 

ENGLER, JERRY   (Jerry Englerth from Rochester, NY) backed by Buddy Holly (guitar), Bo Clarke (drums), George Atwood (bass) 

ENNIS, BARRY & THE KEYMEN   (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) 

EPICS  (later renamed Beckett Quintet)  Portales, NM 


ETERNALS  (San Antonio, TX - also see "The Rhumbles")  Gilbert Cordova, Joe Gallegos 

EUSTIS, BILL  (Tulsa, OK)  Bill had previously recorded & released "Cherry Pie" with The Tri-Lads in 1957.

EWTON, BILL  (Wichita Falls, TX)

EVANS, GENE   (Lubbock, TX) 

FABULOUS FOURSOME  (also see "The Kimberlys", early name for the combination of "The Gays" and "Edward Twins")

FAMOUS LAST WORDS  (Edmonton, Alberta)  Hans Stamer (lead vocals), Al Girard (drums), Phil Southern (lead guitar), Richard Terry (bass), Bruce Nessel (keyboards) 

FAYROS  (from Turkey, TX)  Earl Whitt (lead guitar), Joe Bob Barnhill (rhythm guitar), Ted Barnhill (bass), Gary Lee Swafford (drums) 

FEELING  (formerly "Happy Feeling" from Calgary, AB)

FE-FI-FOUR PLUS TWO  (Albuquerque, NM)  Danny Houlihan (lead vocals), Victor Roybal (organ), Eddie Roybal (drums), Mike Layden (lead guitar), Eddie James (rhythm guitar), Ernie Gonze (bass guitar) 

FELTS, DERRELL   (Greenville, TX)  features Vi Petty on piano, Roses on backup vocals, Crickets as backing group. Derrell was a performer on the "Big D Jamboree" shows. 

FENNELL, ARDEN   (Sterling, CO, also see "Daniel Paul Revelation") 


FIREBALLS   (Raton, NM)  see separate link on discography page. For The Fireballs work on Buddy Holly overdubs, see "Buddy Holly" entry

FIVE BOPS   (Borger, TX - also see "The Whirlwinds") 

FIVE COUNTS  (Clovis, NM)  John Wagner (lead guitar), Phil Elliott (rhythm guitar), Doug Roberts (drums), Eddie Boling (bass), James Ussery (vocals) 

FLORES, ELISA     (vocal and piano teacher from Roswell, NM)

FRANTICS   (formed in Billings, MT, relocated to Santa Fe, NM) Kim Sherman (lead guitar/vocals), Max Byfuglin (lead vocals), Dennis Devlin (rhythm guitar/vocals/harmonica), David Day (bass/vocals), Jim Haas (keyboard/vocals), Phil  Head (drums) 

FULLER, BOBBY  (El Paso, TX)   Later of "Bobby Fuller Four" - Bobby on vocals & guitar backed by Vi Petty (piano, backup vocals), Homer Tankersley (backup vocals), Jim Reese (guitar, Randy Fuller (bass)