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GAIRRETT BROTHERS  (Billings, MT)  John, Jim Bob & Darrell Gairrett, Shorty Spang - produced by Billy Stull, recorded at his Amarillo studio, only Clovis/Petty involvement was the final mix




GARCIA, SIDRO    (Willard, NM)  possibly with his group "The Sneakers"

GARDNER, RAY    (Gloucester "Ray" Gardner)  born Livingston, AL - died 2007 in Vallejo, CA

GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT  (Salt Lake, Utah)  Blair Andersen (drums, vocals), Jim Carlson (vocals, keys), Jeff Rowe (lead guitar, vocals), Kenneth Clough (bass, first session), Brad Anderson (bass, replaced Clough)


GEORGE & BABS   (George & Barbara Tomsco)



GETTYSBYRG ADDRESS     (Winnipeg, MB group & label)  Mike Hanford, Bill Wallace, Orest Andrews, Kurt Winter, Craig Hamblin - Norman produced at "Harmony Kids Studio" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada





GILMER, JIMMY   (Amarillo, TX)  there are two separate links on the main Discography page: listings for his solo releases; and those released as "Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs"


GLIDERS  (also see "Glen Pace")


GOODSON, HAL & THE RAIDERS   Lubbock, TX   (Harold Goodson from Childress, TX) (Raiders included: Scotty Turner aka Graham Turnbull (lead guitar), James Dereyer (rhythm guitar), Leon Bagwell (bass guitar) Norman had J.I. Allison come in on drums



GRAHAM, SCOTTY    West Texas musician




GREEN, GEORGE & DON  (Friona, TX) George Green was a Portales, NM DJ in the '40s.




GREER, ALLEN       Allen Dell Greer from Wheeler County, TX - died 1970, age 35





GRIFFIN, TONY   (Antonio Griffin of Clovis, NM)






GROUP AXIS  (Clovis, NM - also see "Shi Guys" and "Alfalfa")
Bill Crawford (lead guitar), Tommy Thompson (organ), Robert Hart (drums), Jay Leutwyler (bass, vocals), Johnny Lee Schell (lead guitar, replaced Crawford)



GUESS, DON   (Lubbock, TX)  with Four Teens at the time of these recordings, split session with Terry Noland


GUILLOT, GARY  (also see "Gary Christopher")  (Denver, CO)



GUITARS INC.  (The Fireballs)



GUYS & DOLL   (Pueblo, CO)  Angelo Rotondo, Claudia Rotondo, Rick Witcowich (Angelo & Rick were former members of "The Teardrops")



HAGGIN, ANN   (El Paso, TX)   regular performer in Clovis area lounges - her trio featured Jack Vaughn (guitar), Bill Galloway (drums)


 HANCOCK, TOMMY  (Lubbock, TX)



HANEY, TOMMY   (Clovis, NM)



HANKINS, CLYDE   (Lubbock, TX)  with Red Shade (banjo), Bowman Brothers (vocals), George Atwood (bass), Norman Petty (organ), Vi Petty (percussion)



HAPPY COOKER  (Edmonton, Alberta)  Mike Ball, Darryl Kitlitz, Bob Titiryn, Rick Etherington, Jerry Dale (group mgr, vocal on Jamestown Ferry)



HAPPY FEELING  (Calgary, Alberta) (also see "Jim Aiello & Happy Feeling" and "Feeling")
Jim Aiello (lead vocals, keyboards), Bob Moffatt (rhythm guitar, vocals), Gord Moffatt (keys, vocals), Danny Ferguson (lead guitar, vocals), Gerry Mudry (drums), Bruce Frost replaced by Bob Wagner (bass, vocals)


  (St. Louis, MO)  Steve Noack (vocals, lead guitar), Tom Noack (rhythm guitar), Jim Cunningham (organ), Jimmy Albright (bass), Rick Carrell (drums)

HARKRIDER BROTHERS  (William "Buck" Harkrider, Jack Harkrider, Aubrey Caldwell, Travis Jackson from Dumas, TX)  

HATFIELD McCOY    (led by Charles Addington, see Willie & Red Rubber Band) produced by Bud Andrews & Don Caldwell, recorded in Lubbock - Norman's only involvement was the mastering

  • Wait Til The Mornin' (mono) / Wait Til The Morning (stereo) (Shady Brook 009) [rel. 12/1974]

HERNANDEZ, RAMON     classical guitarist from Taos, NM

HERTNER, BOB     (Amarillo, TX)

HESTER, CAROLYN   (Waco/Lubbock, TX)

HIGHWAY   (El Paso, TX)   Bob Reese (lead guitar), Frank Merlich (drums), David Trout (bass), Bill Faith (guitar), Phillip Trout (keyboards)

HOLLEY, SHERRY  (Buddy Holly's niece from Lubbock, TX)  recorded by Billy Stull in downtown theater  


HOLLY, BUDDY (Lubbock, TX)  as solo artist



HOLLYHAWKS      former Cricket Niki Sullivan and Gene Evans duet effort. Buddy Holly's father Lawrence arranged and financed this record


  • When Came The Fall / I Cry All The Time  (Jubilee 5441) [rel. 11/1962]

  • After A While / Time & Time Again (unreleased) [rec. 01/19/1963]


HONEST JESS & His Western Cavaliers  (Jerald Messer from Amarillo, TX)


  • Suzanne (Quit Rocking To The Can Can) / When Oh When (Honest Jess Records 5818)  [rec. 05/05/1959]


HOOTERVILLE TROLLEY  (Albuquerque, NM)  Donald Kinney, Larry Leyba, Martin Nassif, Bill Chreist, Doug Borthwick


  • No Silver Bird / The Warmth Of Love  (Lynnette 551) [rec. 07/07/1968]

HOPE  (see Hope Griffith)


  • I'm Lookin' For The Lover Of This Town / Don't Tell Me You're Leaving (unreleased)  [rec. 02/21/1963]


HUDDLE, JACK  (Lubbock, TX, also see "Jack & Jim")


  • Starlight / Believe Me (Petsey 1002 & Kapp 207 USA, Kapp 207 45 & 78 in Canada)  [rec. 04/28/1957, rel. 01/1958]  features Buddy Holly & J.I. Allison backing

  • An Old Fashioned Christmas (unreleased) [rec. 11/30/1958]   

HUGHES, BARBARA   (Clovis, NM)  Church pianist/organist & choir director at Ranchvale Elementary in Clovis, accompanied by Vi Petty & Mike Mitchell

  • piano instrumentals (unreleased) [rec. 06/18/1971]

HUME, DON   (Albuquerque, NM)


  • Perfect Night / Go Right Ahead (Felsted 8679) [rec. 05/1963, rel. 11/01/1963] backed by The Fireballs


HUNTER  (Ben Hunter Boyett from Hobbs, NM)


  • The House Of The Rising Sun / Love Is Strange Ė Words Of Love  (En Hoc Records 1 & 2) [rec. 07/23/1981, rel. 11/1982]


HURRICANE, AL    (Alberto Sanchez (lead guitarist) of Albuquerque, NM. Night Rockers: Morrie Sanchez (Tiny Morrie) rhythm guitar, Baby Gaby Sanchez (sax), Larry Ramirez (drums), Bobby Lucero (bass)


  • South Bend / Burrito (Apt 25049) [rec. 08/06/1960, rel. 10/1960]

  • The Royal Buzz / When & Where (unreleased) [rec. 03/04/1961]

  • Lobo / The Racer (Challenge 9127) [rel. 10/1961]  not confirmed to be a Clovis production

  • Mexican Cat / Pedroís Girlfriend (Hurricane 6972 and Ariola 19156 in Germany) [rec. 03/07/1964, rel. 1966]

  • Panchita / La Mula Bronca  (Challenge 59310 and Hurricane 6965) [rel. 1965]


HYSTERICAL SOCIETY    (Amarillo, TX)   (Mark Hinton (nephew of Mike Hinton, see below band), David Fine, Mike Pugh, Woody Key, Ronnie House (replaced by Mark Kay)


  • I Put A Spell On You / Summertime (Tipton 100) [rec. 09/20/1968]

  • Hey, Old Wise Wind (unreleased) [rec. 09/20/1968]

  • I Got A Line On You / How Many Times / The Work Song / Sonny Boy Williamson / She'll Be Better / Chest Fever (unreleased) [rec. 06/01/1969]

HYSTERICAL SOCIETY BOYS  (also see "The Nighthawks")  (Amarillo, TX)  Bob Venable (lead guitar), Mike Hinton (drums), Eddie Reeves (vocals/rhythm guitar), George Atwood (bass)


  • I Got Shot (Out Of The Saddle) / Funny Face (EBR 620001) (Eddie Benton Reeves' label) [rec. 08/26/1960, rel. 12/1962]