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KA-BAND     (Keith McCormack, George Tomsco, Stan Lark, Cary Borneman) 

KAY, BILLY      (Bill Krumnow originally from Waco, TX, became a police officer in Clovis)

  • A Big, Big Goodbye / I'll Send For You  (Silver Bud 101) [rec. 02/07/1964]

  • Singer Of Songs / Where Did My Little Boy Go? (unreleased) [rec. 02/04/1968]

KEEN TEENS  (Anton, TX)  vocals: Max Harrington (baritone), Buddy Maynard (bass), Morris Alexander (lead), Kirby Williams (tenor) - with Duran Bishop (piano), Mickey Jolley (guitar), Larry Cox (drums) 

  • Our Love Should Be / Naughty Neena (unreleased) [rec. 03/26/1960]

KEESEE, LEON  (Silver City, NM)  Leon became a barber in his hometown

KEITH, BRYAN  (Bryan Keith McCormack of Plainview, TX) 

  • Mary Mary (unreleased) [rec. 06/10/1959]

  • Always Heartaches / Exit Love (Josie 897) [rec. 06/16/1961, rel.1962]

  • Sad Sad Song / Mean Woman (U.K. London 9707) [rec. 06/12/1962, rel. 04/1963]

  • The Big Fall / Sister's Little Shoes (unreleased) [rec. 06/12/1962]

  • Hound Dog / Cute Little Frown (Dot 16532) [rec. 06/10/1959, rel. 09/1963]

KEITH & KAY    (Keith McCormack & Juanita Jordan, originally named "Jay & Kay") 

  • Spring Has Sprung / Stumbling Stone (Dot 16712, USA / Holland CBS 1.927 with pic sleeve / Dot D 401 in Denmark) [rec. 01/31/1965, rel. 03/1965]

KELLEY, DEAN   (Amarillo, TX) 

  • Hey Baby / Parking Lot (Fashion 1002) [rec. 08/02/1957]

  • Sugartime (unreleased) [rec. 09/14/1957]

  • If The Shoe Fits / Love Can't Live Alone (Coral 61969 USA & Canada) backed by The Big Beats [rec. 11/10/1957, rel. 04/1958]

  • If You Only Knew (unreleased) [rec. 11/10/1957]  

KENNELLEY, JACK   (Jackson D. Kennelley from Odessa, TX, formerly of "The Teen Kings") 

  • Dance Date / Cool Fool (unreleased) [rec. 02/23/1959] 

KEYMEN    (formed while attending New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM)  Keith Hackney (guitar), Stan Lease (guitar), Van Lanning (keys), Dick Gambo (drums), Phil Holmes (bass)

  • Bulldog / Boy Blue (unreleased) [rec. 12/06/1964]

KILMAN, J.F., JR.   Joe F. Kilman Jr. from Panhandle, TX

KIMBERLYS  (folk quartet from Tulsa & Oklahoma City Oklahoma) brothers Harold & Carl Gay married twin sisters Vera and Verna Edward (also see "Edward Twins" & "Fabulous Foursome"), cousin Jack Clark on bass 

  • Kimberly / Once (Canadian American 138 in USA, Australia and New Zealand) [rec. 01/1962, rel. 05/1962]

  • Save Me A Kiss At Your Wedding / You Just Smiled (Canadian American 147) [rec. 09/05/1962, rel. 11/1962]

  • Now That I Need You (unreleased) [rec. 09/05/1962]

  • One Room Flat / The Word Got Around (Canadian American 154) [rec. 02/12/1963, rel. 04/1963]

  • Forever / I Won't Be Back This Year (Canadian American 160) [rel. late 1963]

  • Flaxen Haired Girl / Hey Little Moonbeam (unreleased) "Moonbeam" used the same backing track as a 45 release by Canadian-American CEO Joey Welz

KING, BARNEY   (Plainview, TX)

KING PINS     (Albuquerque, NM - also see Bill Sego, who managed them, Larse was his label) Steve Maase (lead guitar), Jerry Shouse (rhythm guitar), Rob Cartin (bass), Larry Kuck (drums) 

  • Rod Hot Rod / 94 Second Surf  (Larse 101) [rec. 08/25/1963]

  • Door Banger (aka 94 Second Surf) / Rod Hot Rod (MGM 13535 in USA, MGM DM 1129 in Japan) [rel. 11/1965] features added female intro to "Rod Hot Rod" and backing vocals throughout on both tracks

KNOX, BUDDY   (Happy, TX) 

KONEVAL, VIRGINIA LEE   6th Grade Teacher from Amarillo, TX 

LACKLAND AIR FORCE BAND   (named themselves the "Tune Pilots" and were stationed out of San Antonio, TX)  (approx. 30 min. show)
Band members included: Blake McNeely / Lloyd Morales / Joe Medina / Bob Forte / Joel Andrews / Al Pergola / Louis Pasquantonio / Ken Downing / Carlton "Corky" Long / Richard Shreve / Herb Anderson / John Pearson


  • Dos Rositas / Veinte Anos  (Blue Moon 5887/8) [rec. 06/03/1956, rel. 09/1956]

LANIER, DON  (Dumas, TX) (released as Donnie "La Near") member of "Rhythm Orchids", also see "Don & The Roses"
Don Lanier (lead guitar), Bob Hacker (drums), Stanley Smith (rhythm guitar), Jerry Hodges (bass), Bobby Seals (sax) 

  • Gangster Of Love / I Don’t Think You Love Me Anymore (Apt 25073) [rec. 01/12/1962, rel. 10/1962]

LAYNE, JACKIE   (Jackie Langston) 

  • Why Say Goodbye / Peggy's Man (unreleased) [rec. 08/04/1964]

LAYNEE     (Dalhart, TX - Charles Stephens & band, also see "Charles Stephens") 

  • Goodnight, Girl / Let's Be Close (Sound Of Clovis 3) [1979]

LEE, JIMMY & The Four Kings   (Jimmy Lee Fautheree from Dallas, TX)  Towne House was a Sulphur Springs/Houston, TX based label 

  • EP: Nobody Knows Where You Go / Please Talk To My Heart (Towne House Records THR 101) (B-side is Fran Powers)  [rec. 11/05/1962, rel. 1963]

LEE, MYRON (and The Caddies)  Myron Wachendorf & band from Sioux Falls, SD 

  • Come Back Baby / Baby Sittin' (Keen 82104) [rec. 08/12/1959, rel. 09/1959]

  • Someone I Know / From Now On (Jaro International 77037)  [rec. 06/29/1960, rel. 10/1960]  backup vocals by Homer Tankersley & Vi Petty

  • Blue, Lawdy, Blue / I Need Someone  (Nor-Va-Jak 1326, USA / Quality 1308, Canada) [rec. 11/04/1959, backup vocals added 02/1961, rel. 04/1961]


LEE, STEVE   (Steve Lee Noack of "Happy Return", St. Louis, MO)  backed by The Fireballs, Norman on Hammond

  • Baby / She’s Afraid To Answer  (RSSP 5474/5 / Soma 1500) [rec. 07/07/1968]

LEE, WEBB   (Webb Lee Hardison of Amarillo, TX)

LEEN TEENS  (original early name of The String-A-Longs, also see "Mickey Boyd")  Plainview, TX 

  • So Shy / Dream Around You  (Imperial 5593) [rec. 04/03/1959, rel. 06/1959]

LEGATE, SHIRLEY    (commonly went by the entertainment name of "Milo Liggett" - was Sonny James’ road manager & bassist for many years. Had 45s on Monument label) 

  • Anchor Your Heart In True Love (unreleased) [rec. approx. 1958-1959]

LEGEND     (Madison, WI) 

  • Listen To Me / Down The Line  (Column Records 751) [rec. 08/23/1975]

LEVINS, SUSAN   (Texico, NM) 19 yrs old at the time of the recordings

  • Saturday Night / On Bended Knee (Deero 1808/9) [rec. 10/10/1959]

LEWIS, DON    (Friona, TX)

LINCOLN ST. EXIT   (Albuquerque, NM)  Mike Martinez (lead vocals, lead guitar), Mac Suazo (bass), R.C. Gariss (second lead guitar), Lee Herrerra (drums) 

  • Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man / St. Louis Mama (Souled Out 104) [rec. 04/26/1970]

  • Soulful Drifter / Time Has Come, Gonna Die (Mainstream 722) [rec. 04/30/1970, rel. 08/1970] A-side features Norman on mellotron, B-side is non-Clovis

LITTLE FISHER COMBO   (Clovis, NM)   Gene Thomas, Bill McGee

  • Happy Pappy / Fish's Shuffle (unreleased) [rec. 05/23/1957]


  • Littlefield High School Presents The Littlefield A Cappella Choir - LP (H8OP-0608): Adoramus Te Christe / How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place / Yea Tho I Wander / Look Down O Holy Dove / Legend / Carol Of The Bells / She Walks In Beauty / Song Of The Seythe / Fa Una Canzone / The Lark In The Morn / Annie Laurie / Ezekiel Saw De Wheel [rel. 1957]

LIVIN' ENDS  (also see "American Mercury", Denver, CO)  Irving Andrews (vocals), David Sondrup (drums), Greg Tharp (bass), Bob Miller (keyboards), Art Colyer (lead guitar), Craig Vollmer (rhythm guitar) 

  • I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Jolyn (Atlantic 2622) [rec. 01/03/1969, rel. 05/1969] 500 qty pressed
    also issued in stereo (promo copies only) which has a different synth/key track dubbed onto the basic track

  • Gimme Some Lovin' (unreleased) [rec. 02/14/1969] 

LOCKE, RAMONA   (Odessa, TX) backed by Vi Petty (piano), Bo Clarke (drums), George Atwood (bass), The Picks (backup vocals) Ramona was in 9th Grade when this session took place

  • No Minors Allowed! / A Fairy Prince, A Yellow  Rose (Coral 61967 USA, Coral 9-61967 Canada) [rec. 10/13/1957, rel. 04/1958]

  • Mr. Midnight (unreleased, same session as above)


  • Tu y Tu Vestido Blanco / El Perdido (Tex Mex 890301)

LOWE, RICHARD COMBO   (stationed at #527 AFB Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina when the Trio performed there)    

  • Four & One More / Loose Wall / Leroy's Blues (unreleased)  [rec. 06/10/1957]

LUPE   (George Tomsco backed by The Fireballs) 

  • Grasshopper / Letter To Albert (MGM 13422) [rec.10/26/1965, rel. 01/1966]

LYNN, TINY    (Lehman Denison of Clovis, NM) 

  • The Red Dress / Talk To Me Memory (Tinymite 1001) [rec. 02/26/1964]

  • Blue Blue Bottle / Hands On The Clock (Tinymite 1002) [rec. 02/10/1966]

  • The Wrong Place In Town / Goin' Away (Tinymite 1003) ["Wrong Place" rec. 04/01/1967, "Goin' Away" rec. 09/29/1968]

  • Lyin' On My Back (unreleased) [rec. 04/01/1967]

  • Leave It Up To Me (unreleased) [rec. 09/29/1968]

  • You're Gonna Be Leavin' Me / My Love Keeps Me Hangin' On [rec. 03/17/1969] 

LYNX  (Alpine, TX)   Bobby Clouse, David Newell, Terry Pack

  • Just A Friend / Woman Of My Dreams (Hare HA-001/002) [rec. 09/12/1970, rel. 12/1970]

  • Follow The Rain / Just A Friend (Erin Records 901) [rel. 1971] B-side reused the Clovis recording, A-side is non-Clovis