George Tomsco & The Fireballs
"Merry Christmas Mom & Dad" lyrics

The train pulls away
at 2:10 in the morning
and Iím on my way for Christmas
to the mountains of New Mexico
the Kansas City lights
fade away behind me in the darkness
and the cold steel wheels beneath me
sounds like music in my ears
that takes me home

Merry Christmas Mom & Dad
Iím so glad that I can be here
even though itís been a long year
everything is alright now

Merry Christmas Mom & Dad
I hope you know that I love you
and my thoughts and prayers are with you
every day throughout the year


But time passes fast and good things
just donít last, and Iíll be leaviní
cause music is my way of life and
when it calls, you know I got to go
Iíll try to be home soon - but if I see thereís no way I can make it you can bet your bottom dollar Iíll be home for Christmas in a year

© George Tomsco Music (BMI)