From Clovis To California
Ltd Edition Pressing!

The complete recordings of Texas rock band BABY (1973-1977)
featuring Stephen Crane, Johnny Lee Schell, John Mark Camp & Woody Putman

2 CD set:
35 songs (14 unreleased tracks *)
+ 1975 radio spots
unissued material intended a 3rd album release

+ 24 page full color booklet with band members input and personal memorabilia

Norman Petty Studios recordings
Back To The Country *
I Hear The Angels *
New Day *
Mary Black *
Hard Road
Born & Raised On Rock & Roll
Ainít Got Nothiní To Lose *
Get Your Licks In *
Donít Let Nobody
Lifeís What You Make It
(Itís Another) Saturday Night

Long-Legged Woman
Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes *
A#2 (Wants)
So Long, My Friend

The Record Plant Sessions
Where Did All The Money Go?
Still In Love
101 Turndowns
Brown Eyed Lady
I Need You
L.A. Lady
L.A. Lady
Easy Street, Hard Luck Avenue
Yesterdayís A Friend Of Mine
The World Is Waiting For You (South Of The Border)
Fallen Angel
Baton Rouge
Get It Right *
Two-Timer *
Donít You Worry *
Everyday *
Got To Get Back Home *
Golden Girl *
Drifter *

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"I gotta say this is probably my favorite Nor-Va-Jak release.
That's saying a lot because I own several.
This release is jam-packed with music and so much great info about the band.
The sticker was also unexpected and the cherry on top of this fantastic release. Thank you!" ~ Clay G.

"sound is awesome and the never released songs are killer - just an amazing package" ~ Kent B

"I'm totally amazed at how this all turned out!
The remastering is amazing - the whole project is.
Everything exceeded what I dreamed was possible!" ! Betty S

"Wow!! Awesome product - ought to be a sellout,
really like the music & the presentation booklet, chocked full of photos and band history...
great work Shawn!!" ~ Jay P

Baby has finally got the recognition that they have so long deserved, with the release of their music history with this release.
If you order yours direct from Nor-Va-Jak you also get your very own ďBaby Kicks AssĒ sticker. Oh yeah.
If you want to re-live the wild rocking days of the early Ď70s in the Midwest, you need to invest in this one!" ~ Tom Tourville