The Big Beats

Their complete 45 rpm output
+ 8 unreleased album tracks
+ 1957 recordings backing various vocal artists
off the original master tapes

Buddy Holly's father saw this group perform at a club in Wichita Falls, TX.
He introduced himself to the band and mentioned how his son was having success 
recording with Norman Petty in Clovis, NM. Upon his recommendation, they auditioned
for Norman and immediately were offered a spot as "house band" to back the numerous
solo artists that were coming by the flock to record with the popular producer.

Becoming the first rock & roll band signed by Mitch Miller to the Columbia label,
this collection features their 2 singles for Columbia Records plus another 8 tracks that
were intended to become a full length album...that was never released.

They took a stab at a novelty 45 at Norman's suggestion under the alias of "Whispering Pigg",
and we take a brief glimpse at the busy, daily activity they had in November 1957.
Along with the Petty Studio vocal trio "The Roses" they backed various solo artists
including Buddy Knox, Terry Noland, Sonny West & others.

As an extra bonus we include 2 incredibly rare non-Clovis singles from the original line-up
that were released in 1958 for the Play label and in 1959 for Tel Records.

All Clovis tracks are presented here in crystal clear audio off the vintage master tapes.

01.  Clark’s Expedition
02.  Big Boy
03.  Five Till 
04.  Night Train / All Night Long
05.  Shindig
06.  Dumplins
07.  Rambunctious 
08.  Then Let Go
09.  Blue Beats
10.  Perdido
11.  TERRY NOLAND – Patty Baby
12.  JIMMY SELF – Oh Babe!
13.  SONNY WEST – Rave On
14.  BUDDY KNOX – I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon
15.  DEAN KELLEY – If The Shoe Fits
16.  FRED CRAWFORD – Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
17.  WHISPERING PIGG - Pennies From Heaven
18.  WHISPERING PIGG - Darlene
19. BABE RITCHIE - Hold Me Close Tonight
20.  THE ROSES – Rock Me, My Baby
21. Rush Me
22. Sentimental Journey
23.  Under Arrest 
24.  Only You
25.  Sax Appeal
26. Count Down

26 FLAC audio tracks + 12 page pdf booklet
246 MB size zip file