'60s Instrumentals Collection

After having international success with The Fireballs and The String-A-Longs
in the early 1960s, Norman Petty’s studio in Clovis, New Mexico
became the place for instrumental groups to go for a top quality recording.

The polished result was crisp and punchy, and the unique reverb chamber
provided a sound unlike any other recording facility of the era.
Bands came from Canada, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana,
Colorado, California, Texas and across New Mexico
to work with the hitmaking King of the Tex-Mex sound.

With packages already available for The Fireballs, String-A-Longs,
and Wes Dakus & The Rebels, this 2 CD collection compiles the remaining
early to mid ‘60s rock instrumental recordings from the legendary 7th Street Studio;
featuring a whopping 73 tracks from 31 groups.

The 6-panel eco-wallet has recording details for each track
along with an introduction from George Tomsco of The Fireballs.

This is an essential purchase for instrumental music fans!

* 38 tracks originally unreleased

Jim Solley & The Lubocs – Malanguena
Gliders - Wild Jam *
Gliders - Little Josh *
Gliders - Chinese Ice Cream Man *
The Champs – Cocoanut Grove
The Champs - Panic Button
Al Hurricane – South Bend
Al Hurricane – Burrito
The Fayros – Skokiaan
The Fayros - Boot Heel Rag
The Fayros – Blue Skies *
Al Hurricane – The Royal Buzz *
Al Hurricane – When & Where *
Albert Nelson – Lonesome Summertime
Albert Nelson – That’s The Way That You Are
The Fayros – In The Middle *
Jon Sisco – Theme Of The Lonely
Jon Sisco – Sixteen & Swingin’ *
Impeccables – Ghost Dance *
Impeccables – Treva *
Ivy Jives – Short Flight
Ivy Jives – The Bubble Machine
The Braves – Mo’ Combo
The Braves - Whistle Stop
The Rhumbles – Heavenly Paradise *
Gary Swafford – Bandit Boy
Gary Swafford – Drum Riot
Off Beats – Number Four *
Off Beats – Walkin’ Papers *
Rhythm Masters – Exotique
Rhythm Masters – Wild Kitten
Rhythm Masters – Kee-O-Toe *
The Nomads – Cascade For Strings *
The Nomads - Las Vegas Scene *
White Ravens – Opus Twist *
White Ravens – That’s All I Want From You *
Jon Sisco Quartet – Border Beat
Chessmen – Arabian Dancer *
Five Counts – Albuquerque *
Five Counts – Wonderland By Night *
Five Counts – Skippin' *
Five Counts – Skuzzy *
Five Counts – That's Swift *
Jon Sisco – Merri-Anne
Jon Sisco – Conquest
The Persuaders – Girl Friend *
The Persuaders – Fire Bell *
Burch Ray & The Walkers – Picks ‘n Sticks *
Burch Ray & The Walkers – Instanbul (Not Constantinople) *
The Tiaras – Red Sails In The Sunset
The Tiaras - Mexican Rock
Larry Bell & The Continentals – Santiago *
Larry Bell & The Continentals – Pebble Brook *
The Bentleys – Enchanted Sea *
The Bentleys – Portugal *
King Pins – Rod Hot Rod (Larse version)
King Pins – 94 Second Surf (Larse version)
King Pins – Rod Hot Rod (MGM version)
King Pins – Door Banger (MGM version)
Chandelles – Jetster
Chandelles – El Gato
Impact IV – Riptide
Al Hurricane - Mexican Cat
Al Hurricane
- Pedro’s Girlfriend
The Spacemen – Shake Down *
Techniques – Dream Theme
Techniques – Autumn Rain
The Keymen – Boy Blue *
The Keymen – Bulldog *
The Cords – Country Church (aka Irish Memories)
The Cords – Termites
The Chances – From Russia With Love *
The Chances – Goldfinger *


USA: $20




"Delighted to tuck into this new compilation. The sound is GORGEOUS - it outdoes what Ace Records
did with a few of these tracks on their THAT'S SWIFT CD of several years ago!
Kudos to the alive, powerful sound you achieved with this set.
It has real impact and presence - it feels like you're in the room with the musicians." ~ Frank Y

"What a fantastic collection it is. The variety and quality is astounding.
I confess I was afraid a significant number of the tracks would be run of the mill 12 bar run-throughs but this is anything but.
The clarity of Norman Petty's production is of course the icing.
Love the packaging too, and always great to read George Tomsco.
 Many thanks for making all this music available" ~ Mike S

"This is an amazing release from Nor-Va-Jak Music under the auspices of Shawn Nagy.
It contains no less than 37 unreleased recordings and every single track is taken from
the original master tapes so the sound is superb. There's so much going for it, that this
must be an essential purchase for any collector of U.S. instrumentals" ~ Pipeline Magazine

"Hey I just bought your Border Beat comp. I love it - sounds fantastic!!!
The packaging and mastering are top notch." ~ Freddie