Baby, Listen To Me!
Ltd. Edition CD

California sounds come to Clovis!

Everything fun about the '65 to early '67 era is here...
influences of the British Invasion, folk-rock, jangle-pop, mixed with surf sounds
featuring 3 lead singers and a few guitar instrumentals.

Most Petty produced albums primarily featured songs written by George Tomsco or Keith McCormack...
in this rare instance The Chances brought their own strong originals to the table.

As Norman prepared this material for an album release,
the band called it quits and this gem sat in the Clovis vaults for decades.

The band featured Tom Beal, Steve Haehl (Travel Agency / Shanti),
Sandy Salisbury (The Millennium), and the driving beat of Gary Swafford.

All tracks are presented here in crystal clear stereo off the vintage master tapes
along with an 8-page booklet,
notes include input from members Sandy Salisbury & Steve Haehl.

If you love '60s rock, this is one CD you can't miss for your collection!

Baby, Listen To Me
I Can't Live Without It
Girl As Perfect As You
Get Out Of My Life
To Love Her
It'll Be Better For You
From Russia With Love
Lookin' For Love
Things I Feel
Always On The Run
So Much Love
That Girl (Isn't Coming Today)
The Next Time Around
Your Kind Of Love
Why Shouldn't I
Baby, Listen To Me
(original mono mix)
Girl As Perfect As You
(original mono mix)
bonus track: Act III / Travel Agency - Made For You

USA: $14.99

CANADA: $16.99

OVERSEAS: $18.99



363 MB zip file
audio: 44.1 kHz / 24-bit FLAC format
12 page pdf booklet

"Thank you so much, Shawn. This is truly, so far, one of life's biggest surprises!
Kind of like discovering a past life, nicely packaged and available for reliving.

I think you may be restoring my faith in humanity, single-handedly!
This is an enjoyable experience that is so unique and unexpected.

One of the best things is that on the inside of the CD jacket, you printed the sheet music with the original chords,
allowing me to play It again just as I did 54 years ago. That was such a treat.

I do believe you are a rare and special person to put so much effort into something so far removed in style and time.

Your love for music must run very deep.
God Bless" ~ Steve Haehl (The Chances)

"Listening to the CD brought back many good memories
and reminded me of the fact that Tom Beal was a dang good songwriter.
My favorite song in that collection is "Girl As Perfect As You." That truly could have been a hit.
I think that with some direction (professional management) we could have made some waves.

But there it is, the historic Chances, the band that might have been. Ha!
But to me it's all good. Every thrilling success and every disappointing failure.
I was just lucky to have been there. Thank you!! ~ Sandy Salisbury (The Chances)

"Wow. What a different Norman Petty production.
And your liner notes - from opening the tape box, to bios of the boys written on hotel stationary,
and you having to track them down like the interested and committed detective that you are - pretty cool.

Great work by Shawn Nagy!" ~ Greg

"Once again I am blown away by the amazing sound quality, audio mix and packaging.
This is a really enjoyable release and a real credit to the Norman Petty legacy.
Keep up the superb work!"
~ Terry

"The CD by The Chances is Fantastic!"
~ Chuck

"I love the Chances CD. What a great drummer Gary Swafford was!!!" ~ Tom

"I'll never forget discussing with Mr. Petty what it took to "make it big" in music. "It's not always talent," he said.
"There are a lot of really great musicians and groups out there that have never made it and never will.
It often depends on who gets the breaks, not who has the most talent."
As I listened to The Chances CD, I could hear Mr. Petty making this statement! Wow, are they ever good...
 It's really a shame their music has sat in a vault for over 50 years waiting to be heard.

I can hear so many musical influences in the Chances, including: The Lettermen, The Mamas & The Papas
The Beatles, Spanky and Our Gang, The Byrds, and The Animals
yet, they maintained their own unique sound through their excellent songwriting.
Again, what a wonderful thing you've done by not just discovering this lost treasure but bringing it to life again"
~ Steven Craig Bogard (Aslan / Christian Folk)