Clovis Country

* a whopping 35
tracks - all from the original master tapes
recorded at Petty Studios between 1953-1972
* All tracks seeing their first digital release in the USA
* CD-R in a 6 panel eco-wallet with session info & artist photos
* 9 tracks originally unreleased *

Sunshine Trio – Are You Ready? *
Delmar Shirley - Fancy Lady
Al Sims – Hard Working Man
Bobby Carl – Make Up Or Break Up
Billy Walker – On My Mind Again
Billy Thompson & Melody Cowboys – Old Maid Of The Town *
Lloyd Call – Little Cowboy Lullaby *
Rick McKinney – Washday Blues
Frank Puryear – I Could Love You (If You’d Let Me) *
Wayne Stout – Use Your Imagination
Slim Willet – Once Again In My Arms *
Leon Keesee – Behind The Eight Ball
Tommy Hancock – Umbawa
Cliff Blakley – The Door To My Heart *
Honest Jess & His Western Cavaliers – When Oh When
Nolan Chandler - My Heart Is Shattered
Emmit Brooks – Peach Blossoms
George & Don Green – Tears Are Falling
Doug Bowman – Poor Fool’s Dream
Eddie Jones – The Needle
Jimmy Blakley – Honky Tonk Princess
Boots Collins & His Western Aires – Tennessee *
Harkrider Brothers – Four Or Five Times
Blaine Bercier – Out Of The Running
Jimmy Lee Fautheree – Please Talk To My Heart
Don & Darlene – Little Guy
Billy Peck – Time And Time Again
The Harvesters – Scenes Of My Old Home
Cotton Harp - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Dot & Jimmy Vaughn – Slowly
Tiny Lynn – Lyin’ On My Back *
Dottie Blakley – Too Many To Hurt
Gene Evans - This Ain't Love (It's Just Emotion) *
Tommy Haney – Like All The Others
The Jacksons – Don’t Want The Flowers

U.S.: $12.99

CANADA: $18.99

OVERSEAS: $19.99

317 MB zip file with pdf artwork

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Clovis Country set, I think old rock 'n 'roll fans can find it difficult to relate more
modern sounds (i.e. anything after about 1962), but find it easier to appreciate and enjoy the roots of rock 'n' roll.
I listened to the whole album without wanting to skip any track.
I was lost in the music and when the final track finished I was rather sad that it was over.
I haven't enjoyed listening to a new album in its entirety for quite a while.
Once again, Shawn, thanks for the great work you are doing.
For me it's such a pleasure to have new things to enjoy in perfect quality" ~ Roger B

"I enjoyed this collection far more than I had anticipated, not really being much of a classic country fan.
It shows Norman's ability to get a polished performance and capture it with such spectacular sound
was second to none" ~ Fred T.

"I really like the "Clovis Country" compilation CD.
I love shit kickin' honky tonk country and much to my great surprise there is a lot of it on this CD.
One of the best CDs you have produced to date. Great work!" ~ Mark Dillman