24 tracks from the original master tapes
first-time stereo mixes + original Norman Petty mono mixes

In early 1968, THE FRANTICS entered Norman Petty Studios with the first session for a full length album project.
No band that recorded at the 7th Street Studio, previously or afterwards, would have a
heavier, psychedelic sound than this 6 piece group that originally formed in Montana.

Now basing themselves out of Colorado, they made a name for themselves with
performances in the area and returned late in the year to finish their recordings.

It was an entirely new style of music being introduced to Norman Petty.

What Norman excelled at was creativity in the studio, and constantly striving for something different.
What we are left with is an album that pushed boundaries as much as any other record at the time.
1968 was already an incredible year for music in arguably the most creative decade in rock.

Classic albums from Blue Cheer, The Beatles, Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rolling Stones,
Velvet Underground, Big Brother & The Holding Company, and many others were all released that year.

"Birth" would have fit nicely among the best of the day and would have been worthy company.

As fate would have it, the band moved to California and hooked up with new management and began recording for a local label,
abandoning their Clovis recordings that have remained in the Petty audio vault for 50 years.

We present the album in first-time stereo mixed from the 4-track session tapes,
along with Norman Petty's mono mix which includes sound effects between each track that was
meant to be a non-stop mind-expanding and ear-splitting experience.

The 12-page booklet features color photos from the recording sessions,
with notes from "Lost Sounds Montana" music historian Dave Martens,
along with input from
the original group members.

stereo & mono versions of each track

Just For A While
Great Tomato
Scitnarf (It Matters Not At All)
Stone Goddess
Her & Her Mountain
Lady Of The Night
Child Of The Universe
Sweet Mary
Think About It
Relax Your Mind

U.S.A.: $12.99

CANADA: $17.99

OVERSEAS: $19.99

"Thanks for all of the effort you put into the "Birth" project. I was very impressed with the packaging.
Thanks for giving this album the respect it deserves
~ Phil Head, The Frantics

"Really well mastered and presented. Congratulations.
It really enhances the music and is a vast improvement over the poor quality CD from 20+ years ago.
Also, the packaging and liner notes are of high quality and interesting"
~ Gary E.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Frantics CD.
You did an incredible job with the mastering. I had only heard bad tape copies up until now.
It was like hearing a whole new album. I am very impressed.
I enjoyed the booklet as well - nicely put together and very informative.
It's a shame Kim and Jim didn't get to hear what you have done with our album. They would have been as pleased as I am"
~ Dennis Devlin, The Frantics

"You've done a really great job! It's like someone's removed a frosted pain of glass between the band and the listener.
Glad you remixed to a true '60s << wide stereo >> aesthetic."
~ Craig S.