Norman Petty Masters

18 tracks from the original master tapes
 9 unreleased tracks

March 25th, 1927 - October 3, 2020

Homer Tankersley has spent his lifetime singing,
beginning professionally with the Dallas based Imperial Sugar Quartet in 1949.
The group changed from the gospel genre into a pop-vocal group "The Commodores",
with Homer settling down from touring on the road and moving to Clovis, NM in 1958.

Working on local radio, Norman contacted him to do some recording at the 7th Street Studio.
First came a Nor-Va-Jak 45 as "Ken James",
then he took on the stage name of "Ken Pepper" to host
the TV show "The Ken Pepper Bash" in 1959.

We recently discovered a reel of the show's theme song as recorded by The Fireballs,
with the song evolving into "Bulldog" and being released a few months later.

Various unissued sessions with the Norman Petty Trio & Fireballs have stayed
in the vaults for almost 60 years making their debut in this collection.

During 1960 to 1961, Homer and Vi Petty sang backup vocals for dozens of 7th Street recordings.
His 45 tracks released as Ken Pepper for Top Rank and Roulette are included as well.

In the mid 1960s he went into the gospel music market, returning to record with Norman one last time in 1971,
with those 3 recordings included here in first-time stereo.

...and listen for an extra bonus track as well!

In celebration of Homer's 91st birthday we are pleased to present this complete collection of his Petty Studios recordings.

01. Uranium (with The Commodores)
02. If I Had Known
03. Within My Heart (Un Peu De Toi)
04. Rock Me My Baby *
05. True Love Ways *
06. I Get The Blues When It Rains
07. Ken Pepper Bash Theme (The Fireballs) *
08. Little Fish
09. The Dying Soldier
10. Eyes Of Love *
11. Just A Little At A Time
12. Portrait Of My Love *
13. Mack The Knife *
14. This Sad N Bad Night *
15. My Blue Heaven *
16. Over The Sunset Mountains *
17. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
18. Brighten The Corner Where You Are


(206 MB zip file with pdf booklet)

"Homer's treatment of True Love Ways is mind boggling. I still expect to hear Vi come in and when Homer comes in instead,
it is strange to say the least. Rock Me My Baby is a strange choice of material for Homer as he wasn't a rocker!
It is also great to finally hear one on my all time favorites, Just A Little At A Time from the masters" ~ Tom R