Jimmy Self
The Southern Gentleman CD

4 panel eco-wallet with full color 12-page booklet
Limited Edition release on an archival grade CD-R

For anyone who knew Jimmy, he was a true Southern Gentleman.
Loaded with stories of his numerous years in the entertainment field,
he was a great story-teller and musician from the old school C&W era.

Because of the rarity of his original recordings, knowledge of his life in music
had gone largely overlooked until 2019 when Campbell's Soup ran a :15 second ad
featuring his debut release from 1952 - "Recipe For Happiness".
There was a sudden nation-wide interest in the song and his music...but no product available.

This overdue collection features all of Jimmy's known recordings from
original Petty Studio master tapes, surviving acetates, shellac discs and cassettes.
We also located a 1987 interview where Jimmy talks
about his recordings and days with producer Norman Petty.

This comes with a 12-page full color booklet.

With the participation of his daughter, Terri,
we have an authorized account of his life along with memorabilia and photos.

There are a variety of styles from C&W, country-swing,
gospel, and a dash of '50s rock & roll that you are sure to enjoy.

Recipe For Happiness
If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
What A Friend We Have In Mother
Shake Hands With Mother Again
Home Beautiful Christmas
(radio spot)
Blue Christmas
An Old Christmas Card
Don't Make Me Live My Life Alone
You Don't Mean It
Oh Babe!
(take 1, C&W version)
Oh Babe! (take 6, C&W version)
You're There
(C&W version)
Oh Babe! (Coral 45 version)
You're There (Coral 45 version)
We Once Had It All
Just Like Old Times Again
You're There
(1986 recording)
Hilltop Holiday radio spots
1987 Interview

U.S.A. $12.99

CANADA $16.99


zip file with pdf booklet


Feedback from our customers:

"You really did a great job on this and I'm sure my dad would be very pleased!" ~ Terri Doerr-Self  (Jimmy's daughter)

Your recent release the Jimmy Self CD on the Nor-Va-Jak label really hit home for me. Jimmy was certainly a VERY special friend and a wonderful person.

Jimmy was the first so called “outsider” to record in Clovis. But he recorded there because he was friends with the Petty’s and they wanted him along for their journey.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy in Clovis during the Norman Petty Tribute in 1987. We became instant friends. He was extremely modest about his talents but he was sure loaded with it!

I reveled in our many long phone conversations and he always wanted to know what I had added to my Clovis record collection. He enjoyed the fact I knew the words to “You’re There” and he told me to never stop singing that song!

In my subsequent visits to Clovis, I always made time for Jimmy. In 1993, he spent an entire day with us in that huge brown car he had. He insisted on driving us around and wherever we went he was treated with the greatest dignity and respect, like he was the mayor of Clovis! I still have my orange stock copy 45 of “Oh, Babe!” he signed for me that day.

In my last trip to Clovis in 2003, Jimmy wasn’t there as he has passed. We were all at the Main Street Theater when Ken Broad pulled out a DAT tape (remember those?) and played the two songs on them. They were recorded later then his 50s material, but he was sure in fine voice. The sound quality was amazing and it was like he was there with us. Those songs were “We Once Had It All” / “Just Like Old Times Again”. George Tomsco, who was there told me “Old Times” was his composition. After the two songs played, there was not a dry eye in the house! It is with such great pleasure and honor that I am reunited with these two songs on this CD. I have to admit, I never thought my ears would ever enjoy them again. I just wish Meda Harrison could of have lived to have seen it. She was there too!

A few years ago, I was online looking at photos taken in the Norman and Vi Petty Museum in Clovis. I always enjoy looking at what they have on display to see if there is anything I don’t have in my collection. I saw a Jimmy Self acetate with the label stating it was a Christmas recording. I copied the photo and cropped the acetate and sent it to you. You stated you would look into it if any kind of project on Jimmy should materialize. Being a man of your word, you kept that promise. Now with this CD that recording has become real! I am amazed it is spoken word, I had assumed it was a song. Your restoration of the recording is superb! It is a true gem among gems.

As you know Shawn, I have been after you for a CD of Jimmy’s music since you reactivated the Nor-Va-Jak label. It is with great emotion that I wrap my mind around the reality of this release. In a year where bad news seems so predominate, this is a beacon of light in the darkness. I thank you Shawn, from the bottom of my heart, for making this happen. Keep up the great work and I will keep on buying. With the best of wishes always ~ Tom Reed