Norman Petty Studios
The Vault Series - Volume #2

26 tracks – from the original mono master tapes
Most titles seeing their first digital release in the USA
8 tracks originally unreleased *
6 panel, full color eco-wallet with session info on each track

During the early '60s Norman Petty excelled at the teen pop sound,
and with his one-of-a-kind  reverb chamber, instrumental groups came from as far away as Montana
to capture the unique sound he had successfully branded to groups like The Fireballs and String-A-Longs.

In Volume #2, there are teen pop male vocal tracks included, although they are done with that peppy Tex-Mex style;
guitar instrumentals from Al Hurricane, The Fayros, Five Counts, Burch Ray & The Walkers, and The Techniques;
the celeste famously used in Buddy Holly's "Everyday" makes a suitable appearance along with the big harmonies of The Kimberlys;
Niki Sullivan (ex-Crickets) duets with Gene Evans to record as "The Hollyhawks".

We've heard Buddy Knox with "Storm Clouds" on other collections, but it has always sounded "swishy" or like a bad tape was used...
we have included the best sounding master that fixes that problem! Also included is the acoustic demo that Buddy recorded
before leaving for a tour and the track was never finished. Norman liked it so much he had The Fireballs play over top of the demo
(and Norman played Hammond on the solo) resulting in a finished product...much to Buddy's surprise.

Beginnings of the teen surf sound are evident with rockin' tracks from Jack Herbst & The Nite Caps, and Jackie Dallas & The Tiaras;
"Weird" by the Norman Petty Trio will make you feel like you are hearing the Trio in person, this stereo recording sounds huge, and they are just a 3-piece!

Freddie Williams delivers a solid and swinging R&B performance as recorded by Norman at Bell Studios in New York;
and a usual folkster, Carolyn Bennett tries something different resulting in a rollicking and growling rocker with "I'm Gonna Love You Right".

Ronny Smith – Long Time, No Love
Ray Roberts – That’s Cheap Talk
Freddie Williams – If You Love Me (Like I Love You)
Jerry Roberts – Madonna
Buddy Knox – Storm Clouds
Al Hurricane – South Bend
Eddie Reeves – Talk Talk
Norman Petty Trio – Weird (in stereo) *
Jerry Sparks – Mighty Strong Love
The Fayros - Boot Heel Rag
Lynn Curtis – Sandy *
The Kimberlys – Kimberly
Hollyhawks – When Came The Fall
Jack Herbst & The Nite Caps – Jimmy’s Party
Five Counts – Skippin' *
Jimmy Lee Fautheree – Nobody Knows Where You Go
Burch Ray & The Walkers – Istanbul (Not Constantinople) *
Sammy Cooper & The Emeralds – Miss Tiny Tears
Ben Wasson – Bellavina *
Don Hume – Go Right Ahead
Carolyn Bennett – I’m Gonna Love You Right *
Jackie Layne – Peggy’s Man *
Billy Kay – A Big, Big Goodbye
Jackie Dallas & The Tiaras - Bull Moose
The Techniques - Autumn Rain
BONUS TRACK: Buddy Knox - Storm Clouds (demo) *

USA: $14.99

CANADA: $16.99

OVERSEAS: $18.99