Norman Petty Studios
The Vault Series - Volume #3

26 tracks – from the original master tapes
6 tracks originally unreleased *
6 panel, full color eco-wallet with session info on each track
All tracks are in first time stereo except #

One thing you can say about Norman Petty is that he welcomed new styles, and tackled each genre successfully.
The mid-'60s scene was a wide variety of musical sounds, all presented in this package...
from Beatlesque influences, garage & psychedelic rock, folk and sunshine pop.

Although Jerry Willis & Herb Ryals had cut various teen pop singles together in the early '60s,
this collection opens with their effort as "John & Paul"...not sounding like a Beatles rip-off track, but very tastefully unique on its own.

The Minute-Men came from Florida to record with Norman, here with an unreleased gem in the folk-rock pop vein.

Popular Denver dance band "Frankie Rino & The Squires" recorded in Clovis, but their lively effort
has never been heard until now, with a cover of James Brown's "Maybe The Last Time".

Tony Griffin appears with a fun piano instrumental that was released on the Dot label;
and Ben Wasson delivers a swinging rockabilly flavored track backed by The Fireballs and Norman on "Fool Again".

A top priced psychedelic/garage collector 45 is the "Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2" Albuquerque group who recorded an "anti-drug anthem" with "I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of L.S.D.)

More high priced gems are from a Hobbs, NM teen duo that Norman named "The Brentwoods" after a street in Clovis,
"The Trademarques" and "The Motifs" - the original singles will set you back a few hundred dollars.

Once again, The Fireballs back some of the artists here proving their abilities reached far beyond their type-cast 3-chord instrumentals,
but more than ever, established local bands were recording their own original songs
and Norman placed many on major labels, with some becoming popular regional hits.

This collection includes one of Norman's International charters with "The Fredstones"
who he renamed "The Pebbles". Their hit session at Studio Madeleine in Belgium was released in 3 countries.

Our bonus track will be a time-trip for youngsters who grew up near Amarillo from 1968 through 1971.
It's the theme song from Tuggie Tuckness' morning TV Show "Tuggie Time".
Forgot the phrase "Heap Good Mocus"? You'll be singing along again in no time.

All selections are from the vintage multi-track tapes captured in high-resolution for maximum clarity.

John & Paul – Would You Tell Her
Minute Men – I Wish That He Were Me *
The Pebbles – It’s Alright With Me Now #

The Embers - Don't Run Me Off *
Frankie Rino & The Squires - Maybe The Last Time *

Tony Griffin – Coconino

Ben Wasson – Fool Again

Teardrops – Armful Of Teddy Bear
Chandells – We Are The Ones
Trolls – Stupid Girl

Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 – I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of L.S.D.)

Noels – Love That Never Could Be

Three Of A Kind – Something Special *
Brentwoods – Babe You Know
Dudley & Do-Rites - Want Ta Be Your Lovin’ Man
Rockin’ Chair – You Girl *
Tyme Of Day – I Wanna Know
Steve Lee – She’s Afraid To Answer
Tea Arena Band – Alianza!

Trademarques – I Can Set You Free

Sojourners – Sun Summer Days

Heart Beats – Everywhere
Don & Jon – The Window Pane Of Time
Gentleman’s Agreement – Groovy Day *

The Motifs – Come Back To Me

BONUS TRACK: Tuggie – Heap Good Mocus (Don't Cost A Dime)

USA: $14.99

CANADA: $16.99

OVERSEAS: $18.99

"Thank you much, Shawn. I'll frame It. Heap Good Mocus!" - Tuggie Tuckness

There are a lot of excellent tracks in here that more than stand up to repeated listening.
Sound quality is superb. The original recordings must have been pretty good. The mastering is excellent.
Incidentally there are a number of previously unreleased tracks,
heaven alone knows why not as they are every bit as good as those that were released.
Highly recommended"    

"The latest of the Vault tapes - liner notes and photos - blow my mind.
Your capacity to compile and organize and present the music and information is astounding.
Big kudos and big thanks."

"What a treasure! The jacket design is so great and the CD sounds wonderful.
You did a great job and brought back many memories.
This means a lot to me and my family"
Jimmy Velasquez, The Motifs

"This is really great and our band thanks you!" Linda Haltom, The Heart Beats

This is "The Real Deal". Really, really great obscure material, performance and production.
An important documentation of American music history"