Norman Petty Studios
The Vault Series - Volume #7

 30 songs – 11 tracks originally unreleased *
6 panel, full color eco-wallet with session info on each track

We have another heapin' helpin' of fifties fun for less than one of these rare 45s would cost you!

We start off with an unearthed gem of Norman Petty showing off his smooth piano skills
when most listeners only know him for his Hammond organ stylings with the Petty Trio.
Prepare to say "wow, I didn't expect that!"

10 more unreleased tracks are included from West Texas boppers
Don Guess, Rick Tucker, Johnny Wilson, Jimmy Bowen, Bob Church and others.

Buddy Holly is guest guitarist on a number of tracks here including
Jim Robinson, Sherry Davis, and the original recording of
"If I Had Known" by Clovis' Lloyd Call. Norman didn't care for Lloyd's vocals and
gave the song to Homer Tankersley aka Ken James for a release on the
Nor-Va-Jak label using the same backing track.

You may have heard Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings recording of "Cat Called Domino"
but you will never have heard it with this clarity. It will jump right out of your speakers!

Jack Kennelley of The Teen Kings (Odessa, TX) makes a solo outing on a slinky, hip tune he wrote
along with Ray Rush of The Roses. Speaking of, The Roses make numerous appearances here on backing vocals.

Bob Church (brother of Terry Noland Church) has a song included,
and Crickets alumni Sonny Curtis and J.I. "Ivan" Allison tracks appear for the first time on legit CD.

Instead of shelling out over $200 for the rare Alvis "Eddie" Edwards 45 on Enall,
we have one of his rockin' sides here;
and check out the fun sound when members of the Rhythm Orchids jam with
The Big Beats on "I'm Runnin' Late"...another great find from the Petty tape vault.

We also have discovered some unreleased gems from Rick Tucker,
Johnny "Peanuts" Wilson, Don Guess, and a classic crooner from Jimmy Bowen.

The whole collection features that great Tex-Mex sound since all of the artists are
from West Texas and New Mexico....and then Myron Lee snuck in from South Dakota!

Looking for a rockin' fifties collection to crank?
Look no further....

The original master tapes have been transferred in the highest resolution possible
resulting in another collection of crisp and punchy Petty Studio sounds
that once again prove how state-of-the-art and unique the Clovis sound really was.

NORMAN PETTY – I Kiss Your Hand, Madam *
DON GUESS – Believe Me *
HOPE GRIFFITH – Only Once In A While
RALPH NEWTON – I’m Grievin’
BOBBY JACKSON – Wow Man! (alternate take) *
JIM ROBINSON – Man From Texas
LLOYD CALL – If I Had Known *
BOB CHURCH – Teenage Lady *
SHERRY DAVIS – Broken Promises
ROY ORBISON – Cat Called Domino
DON & HIS ROSES – Since You Went Away To School
RICK TUCKER – Dig Ya Little Later *
EARL HENRY - Whatcha Gonna Do?
JIMMIE STEWART & The Shy Guys – Livin’ Doll
JOHNNY “PEANUTS” WILSON & The Sparkplugs – I’m With You! *
RONNIE PRICE – White Bucks
BILL SEGO – Come Along Dolly
SONNY CURTIS – Red Headed Stranger
IVAN – That’ll Be Alright
DERRELL FELTS – It’s A Great Big Day
JIMMY BOWEN – You Made Me Love You *
ALVIS “Eddie” EDWARDS – I Wake Up Crying
HONEST JESS & His Western Cavaliers – Suzanne (Quit Rockin’ To The Can-Can)
DON WEBB – Little Ditty Baby
RHYTHM ORCHIDS with The Big Beats – I’m Runnin’ Late *
MYRON LEE – Blue Lawdy Blue

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"My favorite span of Petty years, and these tracks sound AMAZING!
Thank you for the digital download option, I wasn't going to be able to wait to hear these!!" ~ Marc

"I have been listening to the tracks today and this is exactly my taste.
The sound quality is superb and the audible difference was obvious with familiar tracks.
I think offering the download as part of the CD purchase is very neat...
I must admit I would have paid the extra to get the downloads immediately,
I suppose I would consider that as the price for being impatient.
Thanks for all the work you have put in to give us these releases" ~ Roger

"Superb sound and excellent selections" ~ Allen

"Another great CD from the Norman Petty Vaults. Thank you so much!" ~ Gerd