Willie & The Walkers
Norman Petty Masters

15 tracks mixed in first-time stereo using the original 4-track Petty Studio masters
2 appearing for the first time on any release *

6-panel wallet packaging with memorabilia, clippings and approved bio

NOTE: This is the same as the out-of-print Super Oldies release, just a different cover

Diamonds & Gold
Baby, Do You Need Me
Just Donít Pretend *
My Friend
Is It Easy To See (Loviní Me)
Iíve Given Up My Soul
Appreciate A Girl
Feeliní So Good
Magic In Her Eyes
The Door That Leads To Nowhere
Tired Of Waiting For You *
What Is The Reason
(Alone) In My Room
Poor Janie

U.S.A. $12.99

CANADA: $17.99

OVERSEAS: $19.99

"Sounds wonderful, much better than the 30th Anniversary Collection which is overdriven and bordering on distortion"

"Wow. This sounds great!"

"Once again you have done an amazing job putting this great CD together.
Thank you so much for all your efforts in compiling and preserving this great Canadian music.
I am looking forward to your future releases"