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RAY, BURCH & THE WALKERS     Burch Ray Palmer (lead guitarist) from Miles City, MT   Walkers: Gary Mundon (bass), Doug Boyle (drums), Dennis Steiner (guitar)

REED, ROMAN   (Belgium)  Norman engineered the session in Belgium in March 1965 


  • P.T.L. (Praise The Lord) / Happiness / Sweet Sweet Spirit [rec. 02/25/1973]

REEVES, EDDIE   (Amarillo, TX)   also see "The Nighthawks" and "Hysterical Society Boys"

  • Talk Talk / Cry Baby (Warwick 667, USA / London HLU 9548, UK & France / London 9-5.355, Belgium) [rec. 08/26/1960, strings dubbed 06/21/1961, rel. 09/1961]
    backed by Mike Hinton, Bob Venable (Nighthawks) & George Atwood (bass) in Clovis, strings overdubbed at Bell Sound in New York

  • Since Youíve Cried Over Me / Spinniní My Wheels (unreleased) [rec. 09/12/1962]

  • Heartbreak Hotel / The Way The Wind Blows (unreleased) [rec. 03/11/1963]

  • Heartbreakin' / You Ain't The First Time I've Been Wrong  (Ascot 2155), USA / United Artists (BLY 35008), France [rec. 02/12/1964, rel.08/1964]     

RENTERIA, JOE & MARK IV   (El Paso, TX)  Joe Renteria (vocals), Mark IV: Max Lewels (drums), Richard Chorne (bass), Jimmy Olivas (sax), Roy Vera (piano).
The LAC label was operated by El Paso lawyer & nightclub patron Lee Chagra.

  • Yesterday I Heard The Rain / Help Yourself (LAC Records 100) [rec. 07/02/1969, rel. 1969]

  • My Way / If You Go Away (LAC Records 101) [rec. 07/02/1969, rel. 1969]

  • People Never Change / A House Is Not A Home (unreleased) [rec. 08/21/1969]

  • Only What I Am / For Once In My Life (unreleased) [rec. 10/26/1969]

RHODES, FELYCE    (Hobbs, NM)  "Little Miss Broadway" recorded at age 9

RHUMBLES   (Mt. Dora, NM - also see "The Eternals) group led by Gilbert Cordova

  • Rowena / Heavenly Paradise (unreleased) [rec. 12/21/1961]

RHYTHM MASTERS   (from Pampa & Lubbock, TX) Tony Edmondson (lead guitar), Charlie Fant (rhythm guitar, vocals), Dale Cox (bass guitar), Joe Schrieber (drums)

  • Exotique / Wild Kitten (Columbia Stateside - C 22 343, Germany / "Wild Kitten" appears on "Zentrale Tanzschaffe" compilation LP, Columbia 83563, Germany)  [rec. 03/30/1962, rel. 1963]

  • Portugal / Enchanted Sea (unreleased, recorded as "The Bentleys")  [rec. 04/08/1963]

  • Kee-O-Toe (unreleased)

RICHARDSON FAMILY  (Murle Richardson & family of Clovis, NM)

  • Soul In Flight LP (NR5103) [1974]: Waiting For My Jesus / Looking Back To Calvary / Hard Road Ahead / Help Me / His Nail Scarred Hands / Jesus Makes Ya Feel So Good
    A Man Called Jesus / The Bride / My Journey's End / Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know / Have I Outgrown Jesus / Soul In Flight

RIMES, LEANN  (born Margaret LeAnn Rimes, from Garland, TX)  Produced by Wilbur Rimes, Johnny Mulhair and Greg Walker, these were the last recordings done at the downtown Petty Studio

  • All That (Nor-Va-Jak) [rec. spring 1994, rel. 07/1994]: Blue / Sure Thing / I'll Get Even With You / Why Can't We / The Rest Is History / Broken Wing / Cowboys Sweetheart / Middle Man / Share My Love / Yesterday / I Will Always Love You

RINO, FRANKIE & THE SQUIRES  (Denver, CO)  Frankie Rino (vocals), Jack Skinner (bass), James Woods (drums), Eddie Everret (lead guitar), Gary Stephens (keyboard)

RITCHIE, BABE  (William Ritchie (1918-1997), Captain of Lubbock High School football team/professional boxer/musician from Lubbock, TX) backed by Big Beats & The Roses

  • Hold Me Close Tonight / Bring Back My Cotton Sack (unreleased) [rec. 11/19/1957] 

RIVERA, CHITA   (Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero from New York, NY)

  • Come On Back / Blue Is A Color (Dot 16775) [rec. 08/02/1965, rel. 09/18/1965] "Blue Is A Color" & "Nobody But A Fool" backing tracks recorded in England, early 1965

  • Nobody But A Fool (above session, unreleased)

  • Ruby Rebel / Where Did My Little Boy Go (unreleased) [1966]

  • Raining In My Heart / Emptiness (Dot 16993) [rec. 03/25/1966] "Emptiness" recorded at Bell Sound Studio - New York City

  • Two Shadows (unreleased from 03/25/1966 session] recorded at Bell Sound Studio - New York City

  • Chita Rivera's Buddy Holly Kick (unreleased LP): Heartbeat / Early In The Morning / Maybe Baby / Take Your Time / Love's Made A Fool Of You / Oh Boy
    Everyday / Raining In My  Heart / Wishing / True Love Ways / Well Alright / It Doesn't Matter Anymore  [rec. 04/25-05/01/1966]

ROBERT & LEE     Robert Lee (Bob) Jackson & Don Pearce

  • Thanks For The Dream / Let's Live It Up! (unreleased) [rec. 06/1958]

ROBERTS, DOUG    (Farwell, TX, drummer for "The Fireballs" - Stu Mitchell (Edmonton, AB) was drummer with Wes Dakus & The Rebels)

  • Wild Kitten / Drumfolk (with Stu Mitchell) (Canadian Capitol 72307 & Frankie 105 in Germany) [rec. 01/26/1966]

ROBERTS, JERRY    (Odessa, TX)

  • Madonna / All That Remains  (ABC Paramount 10130) [rec. 03/11/1960, rel. 08/1960] backed by The Fireballs

  • Little Bitty Lover / After A While  (Apt 25070) [rec. 03/08/1961, released 09/1962] backed by The Fireballs, backup vocals by The Bowman Brothers

  • Go Right Ahead / I Wonder Why (unreleased) [rec. 06/24/1966] 

ROBERTS, MARV  (Hobbs, NM) performed locally as the "Marvin Roberts Trio"

ROBERTS, RAY   (Odessa, TX)  backed by The Fireballs

  • You Gotta Love / That's Cheap Talk  (Warwick 543)  [rec. 02/12/1960]

  • Distance Makes No Difference / Itís Not On The Jukebox Anymore (unreleased) [rec. 1960]

ROBINSON, JIM  (Littlefield, TX)   

  • It's A Wonderful Feeling / A Whole Lot Of Lovin' (Epic 9234) [rec. 04/28/1957]  (backing features Buddy Holly & J.I. Allison of The Crickets, Bowman Brothers on backup vocals)

  • A Man From Texas / Row Your Little Boat (Brill 2) [rec. 06/24/1957] (backup vocals by "The Picks")
La Luz/Carlsbad/Alamogordo, NM - also see "Tinnie Mercantile")  Tim Taylor, Rick Davidson, George Rudiger, Charles Blackwelder

  • You Girl / The Reason Why (unreleased) [rec. 03/08/1968]

ROGERS, QUINCY    (formerly with "Tyme Of Day")

  • Hello Breeze! / Honky-Tonk Girl (Sound Of Clovis 7) [rec. 02/1980]

  • I'd Like To Visit Dallas Again / You're On My Mind (unreleased) [rec. 02/1980]

ROGERS, WELDON   (Odessa/Midland, TX - backed by Roy Orbison's group "The Teen Kings")

ROSES   (Odessa, TX) also see "Don & The Roses" David Bigham, Robert Linville, Ray Rush (vocals), Bill Bailey (guitar)

  • Rock Me My Baby (unreleased) [rec. 11/18/1957] backed by The Big Beats

  • Almost Paradise / I Kissed An Angel  (Dot 15816) [AP: rec. 04/28/1958, IKAA: rec. 05/08/1958, rel. 08/1958]

RUFF, RAY & THE CHECKMATES    (born Marvin Ray Ruffin from Amarillo, TX)
Sessions included musicians Jerry Hodges,
Earl Whitt, Pat Carter, Larry Marcham, Bob Hacker, Seymour Sisters, Chuck Tharp, Chico Abacaca, Roger Johnson, Ed Gallagher, John Holcomb