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SASSER, MONTY  & The Santa Fe Band (Tucumcari, NM) 


SAVAGE, JOHNNY QUINTET    Johnny Savage (guitar), Ray Brown (accordion), Jack Snyder (clarinet), Dave Bailey (trumpet), Vicki Bayly (lead vocals, drums). Winners of "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" TV show in 1952.

SEGO, BILL    (KCLV DJ in Clovis, NM - graduated in Clovis 1957, sang briefly with the Petty Trio, went on to have a career in politics as Republican member of New Mexico State Senate in the early '70s) 

SELF, JIMMY    (Clovis, NM) 

SERENADERS    (Lubbock, TX gospel group) 

SETTLERS  (Dick Hittson of Big Spring, TX & Jack Estes of Dallas, TX) 

SEVENETTES   (Amarillo, TX)   Laina Burleson, Jan Gill, Janet Reed, Andrea Bales, Mary Nunn, Beverly Paulk, Bobette Pfanmiller (backed by the Petty Trio) 

SHADES OF BRASS   (also see "Dundeeville Players") Wes Dakus & The Rebels, Norman & Vi Petty along with a horn section

SHAME TREE     (Edmonton, AB)  Nick Petruk, Eddie Kilbride, George Kozub, Gary Frizzell, Peter Sweetzir, Allan Mix 

SHARP, BOBBY & THE GROUP FORE  (Waco, TX)  Robert Emmett Sharp (vocals/guitar)

SHAW AIR FORCE BAND (527th AFB) - Shaw AFB, SC  band included Fred Klose, Carlos Montes, Gene Stone, Gordon Allen, Robert Nixon, James Land

SHAW, LARRY   (Albuquerque, NM - former member of "Tyme Of Day")

SHERATON FOUNTAIN   (Calgary, Alberta)  Fred Thoutenhoofd (keyboards), Roy Mettlewsky (guitar), Glen Mettlewsky (guitar), Ed Gauvreau (drums), Rudy Skapin (bass), Brian Bickerton (lead vocals) 

SHI GUYS   Clovis, NM (also see Group Axis) Van Houston (lead vocals), Bill Crawford (lead guitar), Phil Riser (rhythm guitar), Tommy Thompson (organ), Robert Hart (drums), Arthur Raleigh (trumpet), Jay Leutwyler (saxophone, bass), John Harris (saxophone, bass) 

SHINE, DOLA     (Theodora Dola Shine of Abilene, TX)

SHIRLEY, DELMAR    (champion fiddle player from Friona, TX)  Delmar was 50 yrs old at the time of these recordings. He died March 1958.

SHY GUYS   (also see Jim Slone)  (Portales, NM)   Jim Slone, Trinidad Chavez, Gail Poch - were in Eastern New Mexico University choir together 

SIMS, AL  (Albert Dee Sims) from Pastura, NM. Became a teacher at Alamogordo, NM elementary school, later a Pastor. 

SIMS TRIO, BOB     Pianist Bob Sims was originally from Seminole, OK but a fixture on the Las Vegas casino strip for 3 decades

SISCO, JON / QUARTET   (Amarillo, TX) 

SISNEROS, ANDREW & CONNIE  (Portales, NM duo, along with Roger Chavez, Phillip Gonzales & the St. Helens Singers)   produced by Billy Stull at downtown studio

16th NOTABLES      Choir from the 16th & Pile St. Church Of Christ in Clovis, NM. Proceeds from this album went towards their music program
Sopranos: Louise Simms, Mryl Davis, Mary Sue Merritt / Altos: Marlene Newman, Betty Hawkins / Tenors: Byron Merritt, Neil McBride, Norris McWilliams / Baritones: Otis Moore, Clayton Fuchs

SIXTH EDITION   (Loveland, CO) Arden Fennell (vocals, guitar), Sam Haugland (keys), Jon Kerns (drums), Cass Vickers (bass) 

SLATONS   (Slaton, TX)   Truett Babb, Randy Sanders, Gary Ward, Leo Hensler, Bobby Keys (sax)  Truett Babb became Principal of the Slaton, TX high school in 1958. 

SLEDGEHAMMER  (Idaho Falls, ID) Ray Hassell (formerly of "Affection Collection"; bass/vocals), Richard Baugh (lead vocals/guitar), Danny Darling (drums), Mike Ellis (keys/vocals)

SLONE, JIMMY  (Portales, NM - also see "Shy Guys") 

SMITH, BRIAN GROUP   (Denver, CO)  This was a group of individual musicians from the Denver area that went to Clovis and provided backing on each other's recordings, not that they did live shows together as an actual band.

SMITH, JACK C.   (Odessa, TX) 

SMITH, RONNIE  (Odessa, TX) 

SOJOURNERS   (El Paso, TX)  Ron Gorton (acoustic rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Sue Gorton (vocals/percussion), Bert Peters (drums), Randy Jones (lead guitar/mandolin), Richard Starnes (bass)
Bassist Starnes was replaces by Jimmy Smith, whose Uncle was Kenny Smith, owner of the Suemi Records label (El Paso). Kenny also joined the group in 1970.


SOUL AGENTS  (Jim Solley's backup group from Lubbock, TX)

SOURDOUGH SINGERS  (Richard & Gary Campbell, Larry Keltz, Janie Killingsworth, Patsy Hankins, Nancy Traweek, Judy Gwinn, Charlotte Campbel, Kathy Kilgore from Matador, TX) Formed Oct. 1964

SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY  (Edmonton, Alberta)  Dwayne Osepchuk, Richard Osepchuk, Moe Boyer, Mavis McCauley, Ken Koshelek 


SOUTH COAST FOUR   (see "The Coachmen")

SPACEMEN (aka Space Boys) 

SPARKS, JERRY   (Amarillo/Canyon, TX)   session included Donnie Lanier (lead guitar), Joe B. Mauldin (bass), Larry Parks (drums)

SPRING, LOU    (Lewis K. Spring of Albuquerque, NM, was an 18 year old freshman at Eastern New Mexico University at the time of this session) 

SPRINGER & VAUGHN    (Riverside, CA)   Ted Springer & Scott Vaughn
Norman overdubbed local musicians onto this duo's recordings and planned to release them on his new label named "Dundeeville". The duo split and nothing became of the release.

STAMPS-BAXTER QUARTET    Dallas, TX gospel group   lineup at the time was R.B. Crews, "Curly" Terry, Gordon Hill, C.R. Melton, accompanied by Mrs. Melton

STAN & FRAN  (Stan Lark of The Fireballs & Fran Powers) 

STEAGALL, RED  (see "Russell Don & The Premiers")



STEPHENS, CHARLES & STAR RIDER     (Dalhart, TX) also see "The Press" 


STEVENS, LANA  (alias of Patti Seymour of The Seymour Sisters vocal group from Amarillo, TX)


STEWART, JIMMIE      (Lawton, OK)


STILLROVEN    (Minneapolis, MN band based out of Denver, CO at the time of these recordings)  Dave Rivkin (vocals, lead guitar), Mike O'Gara (guitar, vocals), Dave Dean (keyboards), Phil Berdahl (drums), Dave Berget (bass, vocals)


STORIE, JAMES   (Muleshoe, TX)   "Satisfied Mind" featured Norman on synthesizer and was his last production in early 1984 before passing later in the year. 6 other songs were recorded at his downtown Mesa Theater Studio.
The remaining tracks were recorded in Nashville, TN.

STOUT, WAYNE   (Broadview, NM)  Curtis Haskins started the Midas record label with Jimmy Blakely 

STRING-A-LONGS  (Plainview, TX)  Jimmy Torres (lead guitar), Richard Stephens (lead guitar), Aubrey DeCordova (bass), Keith McCormack (rhythm guitar), Don Allen (drums)  



STULL, BILLY GENE  (Amarillo, TX)  Engineer/Producer at Petty Studios during Norman's final years, also member of '60s group "The Cords"
The 1979 recordings were done at Billy's Amarillo studio with his 16-track recorder being taken to Clovis and hooked up through Norman's console for mixing,
being listed here because the 45 was released on Norman's "Sound Of Clovis" label and published by Norman.

SUMMERFIELD    Madison, WI group brought to Clovis by producer Daniel Miller. Band included James Pharo, Glenn Worf

SUN COUNTRY HARVEST   (Product by KBIM-TV, Roswell, NM)   Recorded at downtown Petty Studio, Norman had no involvement, produced by Billy Stull. Profits went to the New Mexico Cancer Society

SUNSHINE TRIO   (Lubbock, TX)   Harold Box, W.M. "Mahlon" Reynolds, Joe Pilliod - had a weekly show on KFYO radio in Lubbock 

SWAFFORD, GARY (and The Triads)  (Amarillo, TX) 

SWEET LEAF   (Pueblo, CO)  Steve Calloway (guitar, vocals), Calvin Drum (guitar, bass), Dave Cirullo (bass), Leon Salazar (drums), Steve Johansen (bass) 
The Elmwood label name came from band leader David Cirullo's home address on Elmwood Lane in Pueblo.

SYLVESTER, DAVE (also see "Bar J Wranglers")   Dave Sylvester (vocals, acoustic guitar) with Scott Nelson (bass), Lynn Williams (drums)