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  • All By Myself / I Just Received A Letter [rec. 06/14/1978]

TANKERSLEY, HOMER    (also see "Ken James" and "Ken Pepper")

  • Brighten The Corner Where You Are / (mono/stereo) promo copy (Beam 1001) [rec. 11/22/1971, rel. 1972] featuring Shelby Smith, Carola Moore & 2 others as the backing choir vocals

  • Sweet, Sweet Spirit / Brighten The Corner Where You Are (Beam 1002) [rec. 11/22/1971, rel. 1972]

TANKERSLEY, PHIL   Clovis, NM  (son of Homer Tankersley) 

  • unreleased [rec. 03/30/1975]

  • You Don't Have To Be So Beautiful / I Love Making Love When It's You / Rave On / I Make Believe (unreleased)  [rec. 05/1980]

  • Love Is The Hardest Game / Sentimental Journey / Memories For You / More Than Anything (unreleased)  [rec. 08/17 & 18/1981]
TEA ARENA BAND   (Albuquerque, NM)  Jerry Shouse, former member of the "King Pins". Alianza was about a local political event that occurred in June 1967

  • Alianza! / The Feeling After The Time Before  (Tierra 100) [rec. 07/12/1968]

TEARDROPS   (Pueblo, CO) Angelo Rotondo (drums), Rick Witcowich (keyboards), Ernie Watta (lead guitar), Ron Myers (bass, 1st single) replaced by Mike Elias (bass on 2nd single) 

  • Sweet, Sweet Sadie / You Go Your Way  ("004" 004.1) [rec. 04/05/1966, rel. 09/1966]

  • Armfull Of Teddy Bear / Who Are You?  ("004" NPS-101)  [rec. 07/11/1966]

TECHNIQUES   (Lubbock, TX)   Ross Morris (drums), Jerry Jones (rhythm guitar), Rio King (lead guitar/vocalist), Ron Gaston (bass) 

  • Autumn Rain / Dream Theme (1st pressing: Venus 8539/8540) also (Teen 1001) [rec.11/29/1964]

TEEN, TERRY   (also see Blaine Bercier - born Terence Knutson from Eagle Grove, Iowa)  backed by The Fireballs 

  • Orchids Mean Goodbye / Just Wait 'Til I Get You Alone (Warwick 637) [rec. 07/26/1960]

TEEN KINGS   Vernon / Wink, TX (Roy Orbison (vocals/rhythm guitar), Johnny "Peanuts" Wilson (lead guitar), Jack Kennelly (bass), James Morrow (mandolin), Billy Pat Ellis (drums)

  • Trying To Get To You / Ooby Dooby  (Je-Wel 101) The first "rock 'n' roll session at the studio [rec. 03/04/1956, rel. 03/19/1956]

  • True Love Goodbye (unreleased) [rec. 06/23/1957]

  • An Empty Cup (A Broken Date) / A True Love Goodbye / (A Cat Called) Domino (unreleased) [rec. 08/20/1957] vocal backing by The Roses


  • The Lovin' Arms Of You (unreleased) [late '70s/early '80s production]

THARP, CHUCK with The Fireballs  (Raton, NM) 

  • Long Long Ponytail / Let There Be Love  (Jaro 77029 USA, Top Rank J-77029X Canada) [rec. 02/20/1960, rel. 06/1960]
  • Don't Lie To Me (unreleased) [rec. 02/20/1960]

  • Let's Take The Long Way Home / Tough Times (unreleased) [rec. 12/11/1964]  

THARP, GENE   (brother of Chuck Tharp)

  • Lonely Hours / When It's Springtime In The Rockies (unreleased) [rec. 02/19/1960]

THOMPSON, BILLY & The Melody Cowboys   (Midland/Odessa, TX) 

  • Waltzing With Sin / Love Gone Blind  (Bo-Kay 104) [rec. 05/29/1957]

  • Old Maid Of The Town (unreleased from above session)

  • Love Is Sweet 'Til Hope Is Gone / It Hurts Me So (unreleased) [rec. 08/21/1959]

THREE OF A KIND   (Paris, TX)  Paul Hutchins (lead vocals), George Gagliardi (guitars), Joe Burress (bass) + Norman on keys

  • Only Time Will Tell / Something Special / Shed A Tear (unreleased) [rec. 03/14/1967]

TIARAS   (from Amarillo, TX - also see "Jackie Dallas" ) Jackie Dallas (rhythm guitar), Earl Whitt (lead guitar), Delwin Steele (drums), Gail Adams (bass)

  • Red Sails In The Sunset / Mexican Rock (Alliance 1934) [rec. 02/25/1963]

TIMBRELINE BAND  (Clovis, NM) Kim Blakey (guitar/violin/vocals), Craig Yeutter (keys/vocals), Don Fennimore (drums/vocals), Roy Black (bass/vocals)

Norman had no involvement in this release, produced by Billy Stull, recorded at Main Street Studio 

  • "The Second Time Around" LP & cassette (Nor-Va-Jak NVJ206):
    Seagrams 7 / Barn Dance / Goin' Away / Truck Stop Girl / Thanks The Same
    The Second Time Around / He's Alright Now / From Texas To Las Vegas / She's Gone / Living In Another World [rec. 05/1985 and 11/1985, rel. 07/1986]

TINNIE MERCANTILE  (this group had recorded with Norman the month prior under the name "Rockin' Chair")

  • I Want To Love You (unreleased) [rec. 04/04/1968]

TOLLETT, GARY  (aka "Gary Dale" from Lubbock, TX) backed by Buddy Holly & The Crickets 

  • Go Boy Go / I Overlooked An Orchid / Gone / The Golden Rocket (unreleased) [rec. 03/01/1957]

  • Look To The Future / Honey Honey (unreleased) [rec. 07/14/1957]

TOMSCO, GEORGE & THE DOTS  (aka Fireballs) 

  • Mexican Fun / Evermore (Dot 16691) [rel. 02/1965]

TOWNSMEN  (college students attending Wayne University in Detroit, MI)  Nick Orloff, Gerald Van Norden, Will Muratzki

  • Gee, But Your Eyes (Can't Stay Away) / Come & Get It From Me  (unreleased)  [rec. 05/1954]

TRADEMARQUES   (Albuquerque, NM)  Steve O'Neill, Pat Stephenson, Ken Fanning, Roger Dibble, Sherman Pridham, John Truitt 

  • I Can Set You Free / Free Your Fears (Reginald Records RR-1411) [rec. 08/11/1968]

  • Stop In The Name Of Love / Carnival (unreleased from above session)

TRIAXX  (Clovis, NM)  Paul Saiz (guitar, vocals), Nick Baglien (bass), Dave Bellinger (drums)  

  • Saturday Night (And We're Doin' Alright) / That's The Only Life I've Ever Known  (Sound Of Clovis 5) [rec. 07/15/1979, rel. 12/01/1979]

  • Rock & Roll Fever / Keep Rockin' (unreleased) [rec. 01/12/1980]

  • Baby, Come Closer! / We've Got A Thing Goin' On  (Region Records 8105-88)  [rec. 09/30/1980, rel. 1981]  this is Norman's final production that was commercially released.
  • (Feels Like) Love & Desire / We Just Can't Be Apart  (Perdue 8184) [rec. early 1984, rel. 08/01/1984] 
    basic instrument tracks were recorded by Norman in early 1984, when he was too sick to continue production, the remaining tracks were finished at Perdue Studio in Amarillo

TREBELAIRES  (Friona, TX)  female group directed by Eva Miller

  • Chloe (Song Of The Swamp) / Because / St. Louis Blues / The Wedding Prayer / One Alone / Young & Foolish / Born To Be With You
    God Be With You Til We Meet Again / You'll Never Walk Alone / I Love You Truly / Until / I'll Walk Beside You [rec. 08/06/1959]

TRIDER, LARRY   (Lazbuddie,TX) 

  • You're For Me / Love You So (unreleased) [rec. 04/08/1959] with his group "The Nomads"

  • You're For Me / Love You So (re-recordings with female backups) (unreleased) [rec. 08/27/1959]

  • Hot Sunshine / Keeny (unreleased) [rec. 02/11/1960]

  • Don't Stop / I'm Laughing At You (The Ha Ha Song) (Roulette 4362) [rec. 08/03/1960 rel.04/1961] with "The Nomads"

  • Watsa Matter With Me? (unreleased) [rec. 1961] produced by Bob Montgomery

  • I'm Coming Home / Note Upon My Door (Coral 62362, USA & Canada) [rec. 10/02/1962, rel. 05/1963]

  • Today's The Day / Don't You Dare Let Me Down (unreleased) [rec. 06/27/1963]

  • House Of The Blues / Carbon Copy (Coral 62391) [rec. 11/25/1963, rel. 01/1964] recorded at Bell Sound Studio, New York, NY. Orchestra conducted by Dick Jacobs

  • Make It Do / Who's Gonna Stand By Me (Coral 62440) [rec. 11/2/5/1963, rel. 12/1964] recorded at Bell Sound Studio, New York, NY. Orchestra conducted by Dick Jacobs

  • New Orleans / So Fine (Dot 16727 USA & CBS 1.930 in Holland) [rec. 04/01/1965, rel. 04/1965]

  • If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / I Know Who (But I Don't Know Why) (unreleased) [rec. 1966]

  • Little Ol' Heartbreaker She / Just To Satisfy You (unreleased) [rec. 03/12/1967]

  • Goin' Away / This Little House (Amy 11023) [rec. 04/03/1968, rel. 06/1968]

  • I Know Why (But I Don't Know Who) re-recorded with different wording / Like All The Others / Once A Day / You're Gonna Be Leavin' Me / That's My Song / Kitchen Table / Good Morning Shame (unreleased) [rec. 04/03/1968]

  • KWKA (Clovis, NM) radio stations spots [rec. 04/22/1972]     

TROLLS    (also see "White Lightnin'")  (Pueblo, CO)  Richard Gonzales (lead vocals / guitar), Doug Rymerson (lead guitar), Fred Brescher (Farfisa organ), Monty Baker (bass / vocals), Phil Head (drums)

  • Stupid Girl / I Don't Recall (Warrior 173) [rec. 11/07/1966] "Warrior" was a label run by Chan Romero; by the time of the release Brescher was out of the band

TRYB   (Gordon, NE)  Arden Fennell (vocal/guitar), Ralph Gonzalez (alto sax), Jerry Lawson (tenor sax), Tim Rock (lead guitar), Leroy Shuster (keys/bass), Bill Shuster (drums) 

  • No Time To Lose / Maybe Baby  (unreleased) [rec. 07/12/1965]

TUCKER, RICK  (Amarillo, TX) 

  • Patty Baby / Don't Do Me This Way (unreleased) [rec. 08/20/1957] backup vocals by The Roses

  • Patty Baby / Don't Do Me This Way  (Columbia 4-41041 USA, CBS Coronet KS-209 New Zealand & Australia) (rel. 10/1957] backup vocals by The Picks

  • Dig Ya Little Later / Play Girl (unreleased) [rec. 04/09/1958] Bob Morrison (lead guitar), George Atwood (bass), Gary Swafford (drums), The Roses (backup vocals), Rick (rhythm guitar) 
  • “After All These Years” LP (Sounds Of Clovis 47265): Rick (vocals/rhythm guitar), Pete Anderson (lead guitar & harmonica), John Hobart (bass guitar, organ/piano), Pete Gavin (drums), Norman played celeste on "Everyday"
    They Tell Me / How 'Bout You? / It's Over / I've Got What You Need / Red Cadillac & A Black Mustache / I'm Sorry / Someone's There To Love Away My Blues / I'll Be There / Plans That We Made / Everyday  [rec. 05/14-18/1980, rel. 07/1980]

TUGGIE     Tuggie Tuckness of Amarillo, TX had a kids show "Tuggie Time" on Channel 7 from 1968 to 1971. "Heap Good Mocus" was the show's theme song 

  • Heap Good Mocus (Don't Cost A Dime) / Too Pooped To Pop (The Popcorn Song) (Tuggie Records)  [rec. 09/26/1969]

TYME OF DAY  (Irving, Texas)  Shelby Rogers (lead vocals, guitar), Larry Shaw (bass), Chris Rogers (drums), Norman on keyboards 

  • Listen To What Is Never Said / I Wanna Know  (Mercury 72861) [rec. 03/09 & 06/13/1968. rel. late 1968]

  • Persuade Me (unreleased) [rec. 03/09/1968]

  • Am I Really Me / The Word "Because" (unreleased) [rec. 08/23/1968]

  • You Don't Want Me / The Game (unreleased) [rec. 03/1969]

U.S.G. (Idaho Falls, ID) - fronted by former Affection Collection vocalist Hal Rowberry 

  • Eleanor Rigby / Hang On Sloopy / Mississippi Songbird / Baby, I'm Through (unreleased)  [rec. 05/1980]

VAUGHN, DOT & JIMMY     (Manassa, CO)  Dot & Jim Sowards - backed by The Fireballs

  • Between Two Trees / A Satisfied Mind  (Manassa 1001) with picture sleeve [rec. 05/16/1966]

  • Slowly / That's Me Without You  (Manassa 1002) with picture sleeve [rec. 09/19/1966] 300 copies pressed

  • "The Magnificent Mormon Sound" LP (Dot 3808 st & mono) [final LP mix 01/06/1967, rel. 07/31/1967]:
    In The Garden / Jesus, My Savior True / Whispering Hope / Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses / Jesus, Lover Of My Soul / I Stand All Amazed
    Evening Prayer / He That Hath Clean Hands / I Need Thee Every Hour / Should You Feel Inclined To Censure / Rock Of Ages / Sweet Hour Of Prayer / Now The Day Is Over

  • The Lovin' Arms Of You / Hayseed  (KLR 4345) Vaughn's own label, named after their children Kim, Lee & Rick [rec. 10/22/1970]

  • "Dot & Jimmy Vaughn" LP (KLR Records 4346) [compiled 10/22/1970, rel. 01/1971]: Fireside / Invisible Tears / Drippin' Rock / One Minute Past Eternity / King Of The Mountain / Extra Dime
    The Lovin' Arms Of You / I Love You More & More Every Day / Hayseed / Alley Cat / Cry Cry Darlin' / The Backroom Of My Mind

VAUGHN, SCOTT   (Sunnymead, CA)  member of the "Bar J Wranglers" a musical western show before becoming a Pastor for a Colorado Springs, CO church 

  • She's Just A Woman / Valentine / Winter Lady (unreleased) [rec. 01/12/1973]

  • "Scott Vaughn's Ideas - Wanted" LP (MAG 101)  [rec. 1978 & 1979, rel. 1979]: Barn Dance / Home Sweet Nowhere / Simple Things / Not Gonna Stay / What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me / Here For The Taking
    The Day The Last Cowboy Died / Scarlet Angel / Frontier Tavern / I Walked Away From An Angel / Living My Life Through You / I Think I'll Have A Talk With Me

  • Country Mood / City Of Fame (unreleased recordings from album sessions)

  • Barn Dance / Simple Things (It's Just Country Records - MAG 102) [rel. 1979] 

VEE, BOBBY  & The Shadows  (Fargo, ND)  Bobby (vocals/rhythm guitar), Bill Velline (lead guitar), Dick Dunkirk (bass guitar), Bob Korum (drums), backup vocals by The Angeloes (Eddie Seals, Joe Sones, Hal Smith & Homer Tankersley), Vi Petty (piano)

  • Butterfly / Bye Bye Love / Party Doll / Susie Q / That'll Be The Day / Wishing / White Silver Sands (unreleased) [rec. 06/1960]
    released on "Bobby Vee & The Shadows - The Early Rockin' Years" CD  (ERA 5028-2, 1995)

VENTURIE "5"   (Roswell, NM)  Clark Keith, Ron Richburg, Willard Bing, Smokey Glover, Debbie Blakley

  • The Way You Feel / Good 'N Bad  (Venturie 1001)  [rec. 07/13/1967, rel. 10/1967]

VICTORY GROUP   (Edmonton, Alberta)   Barry Allen, Pat Coleman, Bruce Nessel, Al Treen, Geoff Eyre  

  • Mary Jane / Good Guys Don't Always Win / Coming To Life / I Want To Be / Oh, I Don't Know (unreleased) [rec. 02/1969]

VICOUNTS   (Amarillo, TX)   9-piece band including Charlie Knight (bass), Deryl Moon (trumpet), Danny Darling (drums)

  • Uptight / Try Me (unreleased) [rec.04/17/1966]

VON, GARY   (Gary "Dutch" Von Ilg - Nashville, TN) both sides written by his wife Carolyn under the alias Carolyn Varga

  • The In Dance / Heartbreaking Emily (Dot 16730) [rec. 01/28/1965. rel. 04/1965]