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  • All By Myself / I Just Received A Letter [rec. 06/14/1978]

TANKERSLEY, HOMER    (also see "Ken James" and "Ken Pepper")

  • Brighten The Corner Where You Are / (mono/stereo) promo copy (Beam 1001) [rec. 11/22/1971, rel. 1972] featuring Shelby Smith, Carola Moore & 2 others as the backing choir vocals

  • Sweet, Sweet Spirit / Brighten The Corner Where You Are (Beam 1002) [rec. 11/22/1971, rel. 1972]

TANKERSLEY, PHIL   Clovis, NM  (son of Homer Tankersley) 

  • unreleased [rec. 03/30/1975]

  • You Don't Have To Be So Beautiful / I Love Making Love When It's You [rec. 05/1980]
TEA ARENA BAND   (Albuquerque, NM)  Jerry Shouse, former member of the "King Pins". Alianza was about a local political event that occurred in June 1967

  • Alianza! / The Feeling After The Time Before  (Tierra 100) [rec. 07/12/1968]

TEARDROPS   (Pueblo, CO) Angelo Rotondo (drums), Rick Witcowich (keyboards), Ernie Watta (lead guitar), Ron Myers (bass, 1st single) replaced by Mike Elias (bass on 2nd single) 

  • Sweet, Sweet Sadie / You Go Your Way  ("004" 004.1) [rec. 04/05/1966, rel. 09/1966]

  • Armfull Of Teddy Bear / Who Are You?  ("004" NPS-101)  [rec. 07/11/1966]

TECHNIQUES   (Lubbock, TX)   Ross Morris (drums), Jerry Jones (rhythm guitar), Rio King (lead guitar/vocalist), Ron Gaston (bass) 

  • Autumn Rain / Dream Theme (1st pressing: Venus 8539/8540) also (Teen 1001) [rec.11/29/1964]

TEEN, TERRY   (Terence Knutson from Eagle Grove, Iowa) backed by The Fireballs 

  • This Orchid Means Goodbye / Just Wait 'Til I Get You Alone  (Warwick 637) [rec. 07/26/1960]

TEEN KINGS   Vernon / Wink, TX (Roy Orbison (vocals/rhythm guitar), Johnny "Peanuts" Wilson (lead guitar), Jack Kennelly (bass), James Morrow (mandolin), Billy Pat Ellis (drums)

  • Trying To Get To You / Ooby Dooby  (Je-Wel 101) The first "rock 'n' roll session at the studio [rec. 03/04/1956, rel. 03/19/1956]

  • True Love Goodbye (unreleased) [rec. 06/23/1957]

  • An Empty Cup (A Broken Date) / A True Love Goodbye / (A Cat Called) Domino (unreleased) [rec. 08/20/1957] vocal backing by The Roses


  • The Lovin' Arms Of You (unreleased) [late '70s/early '80s production]

THARP, CHUCK with The Fireballs  (Raton, NM) 

  • Long Long Ponytail / Let There Be Love  (Jaro 77029 USA, Top Rank J-77029X Canada) [rec. 02/20/1960, rel. 06/1960]
  • Don't Lie To Me (unreleased) [rec. 02/20/1960]

  • Let's Take The Long Way Home / Tough Times (unreleased) [rec. 12/11/1964]  

THARP, GENE   (brother of Chuck Tharp)

  • Lonely Hours / When It's Springtime In The Rockies (unreleased) [rec. 02/19/1960]

THOMPSON, BILLY & The Melody Cowboys   (Midland/Odessa, TX) 

  • Waltzing With Sin / Love Gone Blind  (Bo-Kay 104) [rec. 05/29/1957]

  • Old Maid Of The Town (unreleased from above session)

  • Love Is Sweet 'Til Hope Is Gone / It Hurts Me So (unreleased) [rec. 08/21/1959]

THREE OF A KIND   (Paris, TX)  Paul Hutchins (lead vocals), George Gagliardi (guitars), Joe Burress (bass) + Norman on keys

  • Only Time Will Tell / Something Special / Shed A Tear (unreleased) [rec. 03/14/1967]

TIARAS   (from Amarillo, TX - also see "Jackie Dallas" ) Jackie Dallas (rhythm guitar), Earl Whitt (lead guitar), Delwin Steele (drums), Gail Adams (bass)

  • Red Sails In The Sunset / Mexican Rock (Alliance 1934) [rec. 02/25/1963]

TIMBRELINE BAND    (Clovis, NM) Kim Blakey (guitar/violin/vocals), Craig Yeutter (keys/vocals), Don Fennimore (drums/vocals), Roy Black (bass/vocals)

Norman had no involvement in this release, produced by Billy Stull, recorded at Main Street Studio 

  • "The Second Time Around" LP  (Nor-Va-Jak NVJ206):
    Seagrams 7 / Barn Dance / Goin' Away / Truck Stop Girl / Thanks The Same
    The Second Time Around / He's Alright Now / From Texas To Las Vegas / She's Gone / Living In Another World [rec. 05/1985 and 11/1985, rel. 07/1986]

TINNIE MERCANTILE  (this group had recorded with Norman the month prior under the name "Rockin' Chair")

  • I Want To Love You (unreleased) [rec. 04/04/1968]

TOLLETT, GARY  (aka "Gary Dale" from Lubbock, TX) backed by Buddy Holly & The Crickets 

  • Go Boy Go / I Overlooked An Orchid / Gone / The Golden Rocket (unreleased) [rec. 03/01/1957]

  • Look To The Future / Honey Honey (unreleased) [rec. 07/14/1957]

TOMSCO, GEORGE & THE DOTS  (aka Fireballs) 

  • Mexican Fun / Evermore (Dot 16691) [rel. 02/1965]

TRADEMARQUES   (Albuquerque, NM)  Steve O'Neill, Pat Stephenson, Ken Fanning, Roger Dibble, Sherman Pridham, John Truitt 

  • I Can Set You Free / Free Your Fears (Reginald Records RR-1411) [rec. 08/11/1968]

  • Stop In The Name Of Love / Carnival (unreleased from above session)

TRIAXX  (Clovis, NM)  Paul Saiz (guitar, vocals), Nick Baglien (bass), Dave Bellinger (drums)  

  • Saturday Night (And We're Doin' Alright) / That's The Only Life I've Ever Known  (Sound Of Clovis 5) [rec. 07/1979, rel. 12/01/1979]

  • Rock & Roll Fever / Keep Rockin' (unreleased) [rec. 10/1980]

  • Baby, Come Closer! / We've Got A Thing Goin' On  (Region Records 8105-88)  [rec. 10/1980, rel. 1981]

TREBELAIRES  (Friona, TX)  female group directed by Eva Miller

  • Chloe (Song Of The Swamp) / Because / St. Louis Blues / The Wedding Prayer / One Alone / Young & Foolish / Born To Be With You
    God Be With You Til We Meet Again / You'll Never Walk Alone / I Love You Truly / Until / I'll Walk Beside You [rec. 08/06/1959]

TRIDER, LARRY   (Lazbuddie,TX) 

  • You're For Me / Love You So (unreleased) [rec. 04/08/1959] with his group "The Nomads"

  • You're For Me / Love You So (re-recordings with female backups) (unreleased) [rec. 08/27/1959]

  • Hot Sunshine / Keeny (unreleased) [rec. 02/11/1960]

  • Don't Stop / I'm Laughing At You (The Ha Ha Song) (Roulette 4362) [rec. 08/03/1960 rel.04/1961] with "The Nomads"

  • Watsa Matter With Me? (unreleased) [rec. 1961] produced by Bob Montgomery

  • I'm Coming Home / Note Upon My Door (Coral 62362) [rec. 10/02/1962, rel. 05/1963]

  • Today's The Day / Don't You Dare Let Me Down (unreleased) [rec. 06/27/1963]

  • House Of The Blues / Carbon Copy (Coral 62391) [rec. 11/25/1963, rel. 01/1964] recorded at Bell Sound Studio, New York, NY. Orchestra conducted by Dick Jacobs

  • Make It Do / Who's Gonna Stand By Me (Coral 62440) [rec. 11/2/5/1963, rel. 12/1964] recorded at Bell Sound Studio, New York, NY. Orchestra conducted by Dick Jacobs

  • New Orleans / So Fine (Dot 16727 USA & CBS 1.930 in Holland) [rec. 04/01/1965, rel. 04/1965]

  • If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / I Know Who (But I Don't Know Why) (unreleased) [rec. 1966]

  • Little Ol' Heartbreaker She / Just To Satisfy You (unreleased) [rec. 03/12/1967]

  • Goin' Away / This Little House (Amy 11023) [rec. 04/03/1968, rel. 06/1968]

  • I Know Why (But I Don't Know Who) re-recorded with different wording / Like All The Others / Once A Day / You're Gonna Be Leavin' Me / That's My Song / Kitchen Table / Good Morning Shame (unreleased) [rec. 04/03/1968]

  • KWKA (Clovis, NM) radio stations spots [rec. 04/22/1972]     

TROLLS    (also see "White Lightnin'")  (Pueblo, CO)  Richard Gonzales (lead vocals / guitar), Doug Rymerson (lead guitar), Fred Brescher (Farfisa organ), Monty Baker (bass / vocals), Phil Head (drums)

  • Stupid Girl / I Don't Recall (Warrior 173) [rec. 11/07/1966] "Warrior" was a label run by Chan Romero; by the time of the release Brescher was out of the band

TRYB   (Gordon, NE)  Arden Fennell (vocal/guitar), Ralph Gonzalez (alto sax), Jerry Lawson (tenor sax), Tim Rock (lead guitar), Leroy Shuster (keys/bass), Bill Shuster (drums) 

  • No Time To Lose / Maybe Baby  (unreleased) [rec. 07/12/1965]

TUCKER, RICK  (Amarillo, TX) 

  • Patty Baby / Don't Do Me This Way (unreleased) [rec. 08/20/1957] backup vocals by The Roses

  • Patty Baby / Don't Do Me This Way  (Columbia 4-41041 USA, CBS Coronet KS-209 New Zealand & Australia) (rel. 10/1957] backup vocals by The Picks

  • Dig Ya Little Later / Play Girl (unreleased) [rec. 04/09/1958] Bob Morrison (lead guitar), George Atwood (bass), Gary Swafford (drums), The Roses (backup vocals), Rick (rhythm guitar) 
  • “After All These Years” LP (Sounds Of Clovis 47265): Rick (vocals/rhythm guitar), Pete Anderson (lead guitar & harmonica), John Hobart (bass guitar, organ/piano), Pete Gavin (drums), Norman played celeste on "Everyday"
    They Tell Me / How 'Bout You? / It's Over / I've Got What You Need / Red Cadillac & A Black Mustache / I'm Sorry / Someone's There To Love Away My Blues / I'll Be There / Plans That We Made / Everyday  [rec. 05/14-18/1980, rel. 07/1980]

TUGGIE     Tuggie Tuckness of Amarillo, TX had a kids show "Tuggie Time" on Channel 7 from 1968 to 1971. "Heap Good Mocus" was the show's theme song 

  • Heap Good Mocus (Don't Cost A Dime) / Too Pooped To Pop (The Popcorn Song) (Tuggie Records)  [rec. 09/26/1969]

TYME OF DAY  (Irving, Texas)  Shelby Rogers (lead vocals, guitar), Larry Shaw (bass), Chris Rogers (drums), Norman on keyboards 

  • Listen To What Is Never Said / I Wanna Know  (Mercury 72861) [rec. 03/09 & 06/13/1968. rel. late 1968]

  • Persuade Me (unreleased) [rec. 03/09/1968]

  • Am I Really Me / The Word "Because" (unreleased) [rec. 08/23/1968]

  • You Don't Want Me / The Game (unreleased) [rec. 03/1969]

US GOOD GUYS (aka Thunder Chicken, also see "Waterbrother") Idaho Falls, ID - fronted by former Affection Collection vocalist Hal Rowberry 

  • Eleanor Rigby / Hang On Sloopy / Mississippi Songbird / Tired Of Waiting / Stand Still Baby (unreleased)  [rec. 01/25-28/1978]

VAUGHN, DOT & JIMMY     (Manassa, CO)  Dot & Jim Sowards - backed by The Fireballs

  • Between Two Trees / A Satisfied Mind  (Manassa 1001) with picture sleeve [rec. 05/16/1966]

  • Slowly / That's Me Without You  (Manassa 1002) with picture sleeve [rec. 09/19/1966] 300 copies pressed

  • "The Magnificent Mormon Sound" LP (Dot 3808 st & mono) [final LP mix 01/06/1967, rel. 07/31/1967]:
    In The Garden / Jesus, My Savior True / Whispering Hope / Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses / Jesus, Lover Of My Soul / I Stand All Amazed
    Evening Prayer / He That Hath Clean Hands / I Need Thee Every Hour / Should You Feel Inclined To Censure / Rock Of Ages / Sweet Hour Of Prayer / Now The Day Is Over

  • The Lovin' Arms Of You / Hayseed  (KLR 4345) Vaughn's own label, named after their children Kim, Lee & Rick [rec. 10/22/1970]

  • Sweet Hour Of Prayer / Cry Cry Darlin' (unreleased)

  • "Dot & Jimmy Vaughn" LP (KLR Records 4346) [compiled 10/22/1970, rel. 01/1971]: Fireside / Invisible Tears / Drippin' Rock / One Minute Past Eternity / King Of The Mountain / Extra Dime
    The Lovin' Arms Of You / I Love You More & More Every Day / Hayseed / Alley Cat / Cry Cry Darlin' / The Backroom Of My Mind

VAUGHN, SCOTT   (Sunnymead, CA)  member of the "Bar J Wranglers" a musical western show before becoming a Pastor for a Colorado Springs, CO church 

  • She's Just A Woman / Valentine / Winter Lady (unreleased) [rec. 01/12/1973]

  • "Scott Vaughn's Ideas - Wanted" LP (MAG 101) [1978]: Barn Dance / Home Sweet Nowhere / Simple Things / Not Gonna Stay / What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me / Here For The Taking
    The Day The Last Cowboy Died / Scarlet Angel / Frontier Tavern / I Walked Away From An Angel / Living My Life Through You / I Think I'll Have A Talk With Me

  • Country Moods / City Of Fame (unreleased recordings from album sessions)

  • Change Of Heart / Barn Dance (It's Just Country 2049) [1976]

  • Barn Dance / Simple Things (It's Just Country Records - MAG 102) [1976]

VEE, BOBBY  & The Shadows  (Fargo, ND)  Bobby (vocals/rhythm guitar), Bill Velline (lead guitar), Dick Dunkirk (bass guitar), Bob Korum (drums)

  • Butterfly / Bye Bye Love / Party Doll / Susie Q / That'll Be The Day / Wishing / White Silver Sands (unreleased) [rec. 03/1960]
    released on "Bobby Vee & The Shadows - The Early Rockin' Years" CD  (ERA 5028-2, 1995)

VENTURIE "5"   (Roswell, NM)  Clark Keith, Ron Richburg, Willard Bing, Smokey Glover, Debbie Blakley

  • The Way You Feel / Good 'N Bad  (Venturie 1001)  [rec. 07/13/1967]

VICTORY GROUP   (Edmonton, Alberta)   Barry Allen, Pat Coleman, Bruce Nessel, Al Treen, Geoff Eyre  

  • Mary Jane / Good Guys Don't Always Win / Coming To Life / I Want To Be / Oh, I Don't Know (unreleased) [rec. 02/1969]

VICOUNTS   (Amarillo, TX)   9-piece band including Charlie Knight (bass), Deryl Moon (trumpet), Danny Darling (drums)

  • Uptight / Try Me (unreleased) [rec.04/17/1966]

VON, GARY   (Gary "Dutch" Von Ilg - Nashville, TN) both sides written by his wife Carolyn under the alias Carolyn Varga

  • The In Dance / Heartbreaking Emily (Dot 16730) [rec. 01/28/1965. rel. 04/1965]