Nor-Va-Jak Music
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  (Cincinnati, OH)  Francis Reinwald aka Fran Wald (drums), Beth Evers (vocals, from Monahans, TX), Ray Denk (bass), John Rohrer (piano)
Toured primarily as "Fran Wald & The Diplomats". Beth Evers was with the group from 1965 to early 1967.

  • Coming Home Baby / You Can't Get There From Here (Danson 1001) [rec. 12/13/1966, rel. 1967]

  • Love For Sale / Fool, Fool / What Now My Love / Goin' Out Of My Head (unreleased from above session)

WALKER, BILLY   (Ralls, TX - moved to Clovis in 1942)  backup vocals by The Bowmen Brothers

  • Back In The Saddle Again (acetate) [rec. in Norman's home 1944]

  • On My Mind Again / Viva La Matador (Columbia 40920 on 45 & 78) [rec. 3/12/1957, rel. 05/1957]

WALKER, GREG  (Clovis, NM) 

  • Let Me Be Me / No Way To Let It Show / Simple Things / Wrangle & Mangle - Attorneys At Law / What I Don't Know (unreleased) [rec. 02/18 & 19/1980]

WALKER, LYLE  (Clovis, NM)   Lyle was co-administrator of The Petty Estate for many years after Norman's passing. This recording was straight to disc, recorded at a Clovis wedding when Lyle was 19. It was his first time meeting Norman.

  • Oh! Promise Me / Because / The Lord's Prayer (06/03/1956)

WALKER, LYLE & GENE  (Clovis, NM)   Lyle was co-administrator of The Petty Estate for many years after Norman's passing. These recordings were done with his brother Gene

  • How Great Thou Art / What A Friend We Have In Jesus / Were You There? / May The Good Lord Bless &  Keep You / The Old Rugged Cross (unreleased) [rec. 07/1981]

WASSON, BEN    (Raton, NM)  backed by The Fireballs except 1958 recordings

  • Ja-Da-Boom / Little Wallflower (unreleased) [rec. 09/25/1958]  backed by his group "The Satellites"

  • It's Springtime, Baby / Am I Still Your Number 1? (Norman 519) [rec. 03/01/1960, rel. 05/1962]

  • Pseudy / Bellavina (unreleased) [rec. 02/18/1963] backup vocals on "Pseudy" by Vera & Verna Edward (Edwards Twins / Kimberlys), "Bellavina" features Homer Tankersley & Vi on backups

  • Fool Again / flip was not produced by Norman and recorded in Nashville (Varsity 1103) [rec. 02/18/1963]  Norman plays Hammond on "Fool Again"

  • Smokey / I'm In Love With You (unreleased) [rec. 04/29/1963, overdubs rec. 05/1966]

  • Another Crazy Dream (demo, unreleased) [rec. 04/29/1963 session]

WATERBROTHER   (Hal Rowberry of "Affection Collection" - Idaho Falls, ID) 

  • Baby I'm True / Play Me Some Music / Denver Airport (unreleased) [rec. 04/05/1983]

WATSON-DUDLEY BAND  (Houston / Pampa, TX)    Dennis Watson (keys), Gary Dudley (drums), Ray Salazar (vocals), Fred Rompf (vocals), Bruce Moody (bass), Win Landureth (guitar), Richard Thompson (guitar), Gary Maslak (guitar), Dennis Chastain (guitar)

  • Queen Of Rock & Roll / 24 Hours / Down The Road (I'm Coming Home) / Temper Yourself / Who Are We Kidding? (unreleased) [rec. 11/12/1980]

WAYNE, KENNY & THE KAMOTIONS   (Andrews, TX)  Kenny Wayne Hagler (vocals/rhythm guitar), John Bruton (drums), Jonn Windell, K.W. Masterson, Steve Furr 

  • It Took 27 Years (To Make One Night) / I Wanna Go Home (And Play With Them Babies) (Hare Records HA-5050) [rec. 03/09/1974, rel. 07/1974]

WAYNE, TERRY   (Wayne Lee Mullins of Hobbs, NM) 

  • School Is Out / Dream Angel (Trend 30013) [rec. 05/07/1958]  backed by The Roses, Tommy Allsup, George Atwood, Bo Clarke & Vi Petty

  • Go Steady With Me / You'll Cry (Columbia 41377) [GSWM rec. 01/12/1959 - YC rec. 12/28/1958, rel. 04/1959]

  • I Ain't Got No Home / Be My Baby (Fidelity 646) [rec. 05/01/1960 & 12/28/59, rel. 07/1961]

WEBB, DON   (Lubbock, TX)  backing vocals by "The Picks" 

  • I'll Be Back Home / Little Ditty Baby  (Brunswick 9-55158 USA & Canada, Coral 72385 UK, Coral 93 319 Germany) [rec. 05/11/1959, rel. 11/1959]

  • Maralina (unreleased, above session) 

WELCH BROTHERS    Ed & Truman Welch of Clovis, NM 

  • One Heartache At A Time / Will You Think Of Me / Let Me Know / Thoughts Of The Past (unreleased) [rec. 05/26/1957]

WEST, SONNY  (Levelland, TX)  

  • Rock-Ola Ruby / Sweet Rockin' Baby (Nor-Va-Jak WA1956 on 45 & 78) [rec. 07/16/1956] recorded in Lyceum Theater in downtown Clovis, NM
  • All My Love (aka "Oh Boy") (unreleased) [rec. 02/18/1957]

  • Come Back Baby / Crybaby Heart (unreleased) [rec. 03/1957]

  • Call On Cupid / Rave On (Atlantic 1174) [rec. 11/05/1957]  backed by The Big Beats

  • Dreamboat (unreleased) [rec. 12/21/1957]

  • Baby Bessie Lee / Doll Britches (unreleased) [rec. 04/22/1958] this was prepared to be Sonny's next single

  • Linda Loves A Hula Hoop (unreleased) [rec. 09/15/1958]

WHIRLWINDS    (formerly "The Five Bops" from Phillips, TX - H.F. Ritchie, Eugene Richmond, Melvin Webb, Bill Brown, Bill Dees and Gerald Hanners) 

  • Angel Love / The Mountain (Guyden 2052) [rec. 11/06/1960, rel. 05/1961]

WHISPERING PIGG  (Larry "Randall" - birth name Larry Pigg, sax player from "The Big Beats" - Dallas, TX). East-West was a subsidiary of Atlantic Records activated in October 1957.

  • Darlene / Pennies From Heaven (East West 111 US & Canada 45 / E.W. 111 Canadian 78) [rec. 11/16/1957, rel. 03/1958]

WHISTLE, CURLY   (alias for Eric Budd, drummer of The Fireballs) two "whistling" novelty songs 

  • At Seven / I'm Gonna Go Walkin' (unreleased) [early 1961]

WHITE LIGHTIN'    (from Pueblo, CO - also see "The Trolls")  Richard "Speedy" Gonzales, Leroy Gonzalez, Ron Ellis, Joe Ellis
Released on the band's own label, Gonzales named the label after Eric Burdon's song "A Girl Named Sandoz"

  • Blue Man (Peace Of Mind) / Leaves (Sandoz 101) [rec. 11/15/1969, rel. 01/1970]

WHITELY, GEORGE & His 4 Crazy-Aires  (Albuquerque, NM)  George Whitely (vocals), Julian Romero (drums), Jim Merritt (trombone), Donnel Rea (tenor), Little Mo (piano)

  • Never Look Back / Flip-Flop-Flop [rec. 10/06/1958]

WHITE RAVENS    (Lubbock, TX) Bobby Keys (sax), Joel Searcy (guitar), Ernie Hall (drums), Lyn Bailey (bass) 

  • That's All I Want From You / Opus Twist (unreleased) [rec. 05/20/1962]

WILBANKS, GLEN  (Amarillo, TX - solo effort, also member of "The Cords")

  • Visions Of Evil / Don't Let Him Touch Me (unreleased) [rec. 05/15/1967]

WILLET, SLIM  (Winston Lee Moore from Abilene, TX) DJ on KRBC radio in Abilene 

  • I'd Be Happy Again / Once Again In My Arms (unreleased) [rec. 06/02/1958]

WILLIAMS, FREDDIE & The Keynotes  (Albuquerque, NM)

  • If You Love Me (Like I Love You) / Hue Blue  (Top Rank 2083) [rec. 03/07/1960, rel. 10/1960]

  • Sexy Ways / Purty Li'l Mama (unreleased) [rec. 03/05/1961]


  • Wishing Well / Understand My Ways / Time For One More / Know About Me (unreleased) [rec. 10/01/1972]

WILLIE & THE RED RUBBER BAND  (Lubbock, TX)  Willie Redden (vocals/guitar), Glen Ballard (bass), Charles Addington (keyboards/cello), Conley Bradford (drums), Lanny Fiel (guitar) 

  • I'll Stay With You / Little Old Clockmaker (RCA 47-9628 in USA and Australia) [rel. 09/1968]

  • I'll Stay With You / Mary Jane (RCA 49.616 with pic sleeve, France) [rel. 09/1968]

  • "Willie & The Red Rubber Band" LP (RCA 4074, USA & Canada) [rel. 11/1968]:
    School Of Hard Knocks / Street Singer / Little Old Clockmaker / I Dig Love / Nature's Way Of Saying Thank You / I'll Stay With You
    Mary Jane / I'm Putting You Off / Good Time / Love In The First Degree / Run Boy Run

  • Lonely As A Vacant Lot / Shoppin' Around (unreleased, from LP sessions)

  • Chicky-Chicky Boom Boom / Mary Jane (RCA 47-9735 in USA, RCA 47G 137 Greece, RCA 1842 UK, RCA SS-1883 Japan) [A-side rec.10/03/1968, rel. 03/1969]
    appeared on their 2nd LP "We're Coming Up".
    Norman did the mix for the 45 release, RCA remixed the track for the LP

WILLIE & THE WALKERS   (Edmonton, AB)  Willie MacCaulder, Roland Hardie, Bill Hardie, Bryan Nelson, Bob Dann, Dennis Petruk 

  • Diamonds And Gold / Baby, Do You Need Me (Canadian Capitol 72456) [rec. 07/21/1966, rel. 04/1967]

  • Just Don't Pretend / Can You See (unreleased)  [rec. 07/21/1966]

  • My Friend / Is It Easy To See (Lovin' Me) (Canadian Capitol 72485) [rec. 05/02/1967, rel. 07/1967]

  • I've Given Up My Soul / Loser (unreleased) [rec. 05/02/1967]

  • (Alone) In My Room / Poor Janie (Canadian Capitol 72516 and United Artists 50249 in USA) [rec. 08/04/1967, Capitol Canada rel. 11/1967, U.A. in USA rel. 01/1968]

  • Feelin' So Good / The Door That Leads To Nowhere / Appreciate A Girl / What Is The Reason / Magic In Her Eyes / Tired Of Waiting For You  (unreleased) [rec. 08/04/1967]     

WILSON, JOHNNY "PEANUTS"  (Odessa, TX - member of Roy Orbison's "Teen Kings") 

  • You've Got Love / Cast Iron Arm (Brunswick 9-55039 USA / Brunswick 9-8-55039 Canada / Coral Q.72302 UK / Decca 6565 on 78, South Africa) [rec. 05/26/1957, rel. 02/1958]

  • I've Had It / My Heartbeat (unreleased) [rec. 11/10/1957] backed by members of The Big Beats, J.I. Allison on drums, George Atwood on bass

  • Silly Lilly / I'm With You (unreleased) [rec.05/05/1958] with "The Roses" on backup vocals, "The Sparkplugs" as backing band

  • Paper Boy / You've Got Everything (unreleased) [rec. 09/08/1958]  

WYNN, PRESTON   (Whitby, Ontario, Canada - backed by Fireballs) 

  • Happy Man / Every Plan, Every Man (released as "Preston" on Wyntex QC-468) [rec. 05/1966, rel. 1966]